YOU Are the Target

A bit of a rant today so forgive me.

I can hardly bear to listen to the ‘news’ these days as increasingly I view it for what it is – fodder for the masses to chatter about and be ‘concerned’ about, whilst real issues – dramatic issues – are left undiscussed. That is the intention by the way – to divert you.

Example: the endless chatter about companies ‘avoiding’ their ‘fair share’ of taxes. (Aside – nothing is guaranteed to make me puke more than the use of ‘fair share’ in relation to taxation. It’s like a plantation owner from the past stating that a negro slave should be prepared to have his ‘fair share’ of lashes.)

This is a great story because people can complain and whine about how these big companies are getting away with it whilst they (the ordinary people) pay their ‘fair share’.

It’s all a diversion to keep you believing in a Big Lie. I’ll tell you what that lie is in a moment, but first I want to remind you that companies don’t pay taxes, YOU pay the taxes for them. Putting this another way, if companies are forced to pay their ‘fair share’, the cost of that will be passed straight on to you, the consumer, by way of higher prices. If they somehow manage to get away with paying less tax, the difference will be passed to you, the consumer, in lower costs of their products and services.

Secondly this is all part of the government’s plan (all governments, not just ours) to monitor and track every penny of your money. It’s not your money, you see. Although you earned it, governments have created a legal right for themselves to steal 50%-60% of it (when you add up all taxes). Draconian force is brought to bear on anyone who tries to avoid this shake-down racket (for such it is).

They have important stuff to spend YOUR money on – murdering people by the thousands in foreign countries; handouts to people to sit at home with their feet up; billion pound weapons of mass destruction; billions handed in ‘aid’ to foreign countries who ‘need it’. I could fill many pages with similar items.

And since you would NEVER hand your hard-earned cash over willingly to be flagrantly squandered, they use force to grab it from you. Sickening as this is, it’s not so sickening as getting people to be willing victims by whinging about others not paying their ‘fair share’.

Now the Big Lie.

The Big Lie is that we can carry on as before; that the financial crisis is over; that we are paying down our debt; that things are about to get better.

Politicians lie and lie to us about these things. Why? Because we’re too childish to be told the truth. Believe it! If a politician was rash enough to even hint at the truth they would be howled down by the mob and the opposition would eat him or her alive.

So they lie. And so would you and I in their position. It’s what the sheep want. Comforting little fairly tales.

The truth?

We’re f***ed as a country. Our debts are increasing, nor decreasing. 50% of people now work for the government!!! An army of petty bureaucrats swarm over every tiny aspect of our loves, checking, controlling, fining, interfering. We are drowning in legislation and our prisons are filled to bursting.

And here’s the big one – we have been living way, way, WAY beyond our means for decades. This has been directly caused by governments promising the sheep free goodies in exchange for votes.

Someone has to pay for decades of borrowing to bribe the votors. And here’s who ISN’T going to pay:

1. The rich – they pay a fortune already (proportionate to their money) and they aren’t going to pay any more. There simply are not enough of them anyway.

2. The poor. They are terminally broke. They don’t pay their way at the moment anyway. They are net recipients of the loot and all they will do is bay for more handouts. They certainly are not a source of revenue.

So if the rich won’t pay more than at present and the poor can’t pay, who does that leave?

YOU… sucker!

YOU are going to be paying. In fact you’re paying now and it’s going to get much worse.

Governments lie about inflation – your wages are going down by about 5% a year in real terms. That’s the equivalent of a knock on the door each Jan 1st and a government employee demanding 5% of everything you have earned as an extra tax.

If you have savings, they are currently being eroded by about 5% a year too – another rip-off of your money.

And it has hardly started. Remember, all this ‘austerity’ has resulted in an INCREASED national debt not a decreased one.

What to do? Well I’m way past my 5 minutes so I’ll leave that for another time. One thing I would ask you to do  –  don’t be complicit in the lie. Don’t ever say, or think, anything along the lines of ‘fair share’ with regard to taxation. That, at least, would be a start.

It’s time to wake up and realise that you are the target.

Until next time

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