Q: “What are you up to these days?”
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Q: “Are you planning any more seminars?”
“I’m trying to find time to put together a copywriting seminar. Watch this space!”

Q: “What do you do for leisure?”
“I’m still a bit of a workaholic, despite trying to cut back a bit. I work with young offenders at the local YOI – that’s something different and I could write a book about that! I have also been a member of my local choir for nearly 20 years and I play keyboards in a rock band (tribute band for The Who)! I’m not one for holidays on the beach and suchlike. I prefer to keep busy. I have the odd weekend away here and there. I have nearly finished an OU degree in psychology. I also have a scientific streak and am often engaged in some crazy experiment or other in my laboratory at home. Right now it’s sonoluminescence – look it up on the web! I recently built, from scratch, a full-sized Dr Who Dalek – definitely one of the most tricky things I have ever done!”
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Q: “What motivates you to keep going?”
“For some reason which escapes me, I am passionate about human potential ā€“ helping people to be all they can be. That’s what turns me on. That’s what drives me to complete these new courses (they take hundreds of hours each). These days I don’t need the money, it’s just my passion. Human freedom is my most important value. The bottom line is, we’re losing it and we don’t seem to care. Of course, my ‘Stuart Goldsmith’ persona is just one of the many things I do in life. I run a group which refurbishes hand tools and sends them to Africa. I also run a busy premises committee looking after a Grade II Listed building here in Reading. I also do some ceramics arty stuff which is fun. I’m still running a couple of businesses; one of which repairs guitar amplifiers and the other sells valves for guitar amplifiers.”

Q: “If you had to give people just one financial recommendation now, what would it be?”
“Stop wasting time. The time is NOW! Soon it will be too late for you and you risk a poverty stricken, embittered old age. GET ON WITH IT!”