Meet Stuart

“If you are new to my teachings and would like to know a little bit about me, please read on…”
Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith


You may be reading this because you are interested in my writings and teachings, but might not be familiar with my name.

Let me tell you a little about myself and my vision so you can see if I have anything to offer you…

For the last 16 years by passion has been to help people to achieve financial freedom. I will explain why in a moment. Over 32,000 people have received my personal training, aimed at showing you how to get to a stage in life where they never have to work again. I hold thousands of testimonial letters, many of which can be seen here:

Many of my students have become millionaires as a result of my help although this isn’t something I promise!

I assist people mainly through my writings. My best-selling titles include The Midas Method; Seven Secrets of the Millionaires; The Inner Circle; The Way of the Warrior; Real Life and several others. My books and courses have sold hundreds of thousands of copies in a dozen countries worldwide. I also train people one-to-one in seminars here in the UK.

My background was fairly modest. Whilst not poor, both of my parents worked full-time in jobs to support us and money was always tight.

I grew up in Weston-super-Mare, and went to the grammar school there (since demolished). I wasn’t a great student: I was usually in the bottom half of the class. However I managed to scrape seven O-levels (mediocre grades) enough to go on and do A-levels. Again I scraped three of those with very modest grades, but they were enough to get me into Reading University where I studied electronics. I graduated from there with a 2.2 in 1974.

I mention all this just so that you know I had no silver spoon in my mouth, neither did I have any particular talents or abilities – certainly no more than you have, I feel sure. Some have said that they chose me as their mentor because they didn’t want to learn about financial freedom from a high-flyer who had a charmed life and wealthy parents.

After graduating I landed a job at the BBC repairing studio equipment. After a few years of that I realised I was getting nowhere. The debts were mounting up and I could barely pay my way.

I drove a scrap yard on wheels, a rusty old minivan with gaping holes in the wings. It used to fill up with water on a rainy day!

I also lived in the roughest area of town (Reading, Berkshire). There were cars up on blocks, dumped fridges in the front gardens and frequent 2am drunken brawls (and that was just my house!).

Here is a photograph of the actual house I lived in…

Again I am mentioning this just to show you that I probably started in a worse situation than you are. I won’t bore you with any more life history, but you need to know something important…

I took a life-changing decision back then in that terraced house – and it’s one I’ve never regretted.

Quite simply I decided to become financially free and then become a wealthy man. At the time I
had no conception of how I might achieve this. I was an ‘oily rag’ engineer at the BBC on a middling salary, but I took a decision which changed my life.

I vowed back then that if I ever did become rich I would help others out of the mire too. Well, my dream came true and so that’s precisely what I’ve been doing for the last 16 years. Yes of course I get paid for my services, but only token amounts. I enjoy what I do and it is also my passion.

Why I have This Passion

You may be reading this because you would like to follow in my footsteps, and perhaps are considering having me as your mentor. Certainly I would be very pleased to help guide you to your own financial freedom just as I have done for thousands of others. But before you take that step I think you need to be sure that you are choosing the right teacher (I’ll also be checking I have the right pupil!).

To help you in your decision, let me tell you why I’m doing this. You may find my reasons a little bit unusual.

By passion isn’t actually to help you to become wealthy. That is a mere stepping stone. It is human freedom that I am passionate about. You see, I believe the country and the world are in a little bit of a mess right now and only free humans can sort it out.

I also believe that most people live in a bubble of illusion – never achieving freedom – not really understanding what’s going on – believing the media, politicians, adverts, religions, films, TV… living powerless ‘dream-lives’ of quiet desperation.

Most people’s waking lives are squandered in work, consumption and ‘entertainment’. The work is usually some tedious or pointless job which they do just to pay the bills. The ‘entertainment’ is often to ease the pain of such an impoverished existence. People behave like docile consumer/producers who, like a spent battery, will be discarded when they have outlived their usefulness.

I hope that is not too uncomfortable for you!

You have so much to contribute, so much to give. So much that the world is desperately in need of right now but… the harsh truth is you are mostly unable to give it because of your slavery. To put it simply, by the time you’ve done your 40 to 50 hours a week you don’t have the spare time or energy to do much more than relax and entertain yourself. This is what I mean by slavery.

Joining me, means vowing to break free of slavery, just as I vowed all those years ago.

So I have an ulterior motive in showing you the way to become financially free. It is to release you to be all you can be. Then, finally you will be free to shine. At last you can step out into the light as a free man or woman. That’s why I do this.

I should say straight away that if you’re seeking my guidance on money in order to ‘treat’ yourself to a new Porsche, two holiday homes, a wardrobe full of ‘designer’ clothes, a stupidly expensive kitchen, jewelry, trinkets and so on, then I’m probably not the teacher for you.

Of course I want you to have a comfortable life. I live a very comfortable life myself! But I don’t believe the purpose of money is to buy silly toys, to lord it over others and to indulge in greedy consumerism to assuage one’s ego. I have done all these things in the past by the way so I’m not preaching! Money is much more important and serious than that. I’m hoping you are above such greedy trivia. Money is for putting your dream out into the world and making it a better place.

Of course if I help you to make money I cannot dictate what you do with it, and neither would I presume to do so. I just want you to know where I’m coming from before you get involved with me.

The Time to Act is Now

I write in a quite hard-hitting style because I don’t think you’ve got unlimited time to make it. The situation in the UK and Europe (and the USA etc) is accelerating as I write this and is getting a lot worse. Your financial freedom is a matter of extreme urgency, and so I need to wake you up fairly quickly.

One final thing. I should define financial freedom. It is having enough income, without needing to work for it, to cover your chosen lifestyle forever (barring dramatic changes). As an approximate rule of thumb you need between half a million and one million pounds in spare cash to achieve this status in the UK.

When you have this amount of money you are finally free (basically because you can live off the interest). Your days are yours to do with as you see fit. Now you can put your dream out into the world. You may not know what this is yet and why would you? Nobody told you it was possible! They wanted you consuming and producing, not having fancy ‘dreams’! To achieve your dream you may need some more money over and above this ‘financial freedom figure’. Some dreams come with a small price-tag, some dreams come with a very large price-tag. I can show you how to get this money too.

So if you’ve ever thought you were worth more, that you could achieve more, do more, be more free, wealthier, more powerful – but that something seemed to be stopping you, then maybe I can help you as I have helped others over the last 16 years.

Thank you for reading this far. Whatever you decide I wish you the very best of success in your search for freedom and happiness.

Best regards

Stuart Goldsmith