Stuart gives the occasional seminar here in the UK and overseas. Announcements of forthcoming seminars will appear here.

What have others said about Stuart’s seminars?

These are all genuine testimonials from attendees of Stuart Goldsmith’s live training courses and seminars. Only one extract has been used per letter. All originals held on file.

“Thanks for a great day, truly amazing. What I liked about it most is that you did not hype it up.”
S Blakesley

“It has been a great pleasure attending this seminar. I am very excited to start my publishing business and hope to do well.”
S Ahmed

“It was a well-performed seminar. I really enjoyed the day and learned quite a lot. I hope to use all the knowledge I gained from the seminar to further my lifestyle.”
L Barry

“I have enjoyed the seminar workshop with Stuart Goldsmith and have learned a lot of things about the business.”
H Ahmed

“Very informative and detailed. Everything I could think of was covered. Also, very enjoyable and relaxed.”
S Day

“A good presentation and answered all my questions throughout the day. Very clear and honest presentation.”
N Barton

“Course was full of first class information on how to make this business work. It was presented very professionally and made me very excited about this opportunity. Many thanks Stuart for opening a new book in my life.”
I Blakesley

“I thought the presentation was excellent.”
J Buck

“I found the whole day thoroughly absorbing and entertaining. The amount of additional hand-outs and freebies was quite astounding. The day passed too quickly for me but with the quality of information provided I am extremely excited about getting started. The mood was very upbeat and kept at a constant level, Stuart having seemingly endless patience with the same questions being asked on several occasions!”
C Douglas

“Well presented, sensible day-long seminar. Thankfully no RARAH!”
J Boyd

“Everything was covered and you made it so easy.”
S Blakesley

“The seminar was very well delivered. I like your presentation style.”
R Carroll

“Great presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed my time and your hospitality. To our future prosperity. Cheers!”
P Davey

“Honest, upfront, animated confidence in what he was saying.”
A Donnelly

“Very informative, logical presentation, clearly explained.”
M Butler

“I am certainly going to do it, and thanks a lot.”
J Allen

“An excellent seminar on how to get started in the information publishing business.”
A L Ashton

“Straightforward presentation. God venue. Good lunch.”
H Butler

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that the time was spent on important stuff. No airy fairy nonsense. Stuart is a very likeable and genuine guy. Very well presented and very helpful in answering questions. Enjoyed the fact that it’s all an ethical business.”
R Doherty

“Lived up to billing. Moved at good pace.”
R Reissner

“I found Stuart’s presentation to be very precise and to the point and he covered a lot of ground. He answered everyone who had questions and he made sure other people knew what the questions were. I feel very confident about going away and taking the needed action to create a viable business out of this.”
P Boyle

“I think the seminar was great. Not only does it open the door to a better future and offers a real chance to get out of the rut, it is also very interesting. Stuart is a good speaker. Entertaining and holding our attention and I did not find myself being tired of him. All I can say is thank you for this opportunity.”
I Pollard

“Did what it said on the tin. Very homely and natural, clearly expressed from the heart and from experience. Attention never wavered throughout. No hard-sell, just gave the facts. Very clear and straightforward. Thanks.”
C Day

“Very informative, many useful points of information.”
C Cox

“Great. Very informative.”
A Dipierro

“There was a lot of content on the day. All very relevant and presented in a way which was easy to understand. I see this as a massive opportunity to gain personal wealth and to get me away from the 9-5 job.”
R Hemmington

“A very intensive but interesting day. I hope I make a go of it. If I don’t. it’s my fault!”
S Hicks

“Very intensive day. I found the seminar good fun and very informative.  Many thanks.”
G Mollon

“Very straightforward. Tells it like it is. Answered all my questions – no hesitations.”
R Howey

“Today has been very, very good and interesting. I learned many things from this really great seminar.”
F G Mark

“A very informative and instrumental day. I am looking forward to getting started straight away.”
N McCrimmon

“A very comprehensive training day.”
F O’Mahoney

“Very well presented. Particularly liked the fact it was not “rah-rah” type of seminar. I found it practical, focussed, informed and encouraging.”
D Mason

“The best, clearest training workshop. Thoroughly professional.”
P Elias

“An exciting opportunity communicated in a friendly, efficient practical way. How refreshing. What a great way to run a business.”
W Kah

“Absolutely fantastic! Honest, credible delivery from a man with a wealth of experience in this industry. Thank you.”
S Graham

“Very informative. A load of information in one day. Everything to set up a business.”
H Mendleton

“This seminar was significantly more helpful than one I recently attended on a similar topic with a different speaker.”
P Lambert

“Very good. A lot of information for one sitting.”
I Stead

“Very thorough presentation. Answered all of my questions plus gave valuable insights into the industry. Saved a whole heap of wasted time and effort on newbie mistakes I’m sure I would have made if I hadn’t attended.”
E Hughes

“Very good, clear and easy to understand.”
M Lake

“Very informative. Easily understood. Good, precise information. Wow!”
D Montague

“Thanks for going out of your way to make things as easy as possible for the Licencees. Your professionalism will be greatly valued.”
S Lewis

“Very simple to understand. Well presented and thought out. Lots of excellent bonuses. Conversational delivery made the day comfortable. Stuart delivered what he said he would.”
M Gordon

“The most informative and valuable information I have ever received at a seminar. I am certain that I have received excellent value for money.”
G Weller

“Very useful to speak with someone who has actually done it. It should make my task much easier and less costly. Stuart answered all questions posed.”
J Milway

“I feel you could have given us no more help as you made it all so easy for us now. Thanks again for such an enjoyable day.”
J McCallum

“Thanks for an enjoyable day and the many extra products included in the deal.”
L Mitchell

“I found the training day very rewarding and informative. It was conducted in an easy to understand manner injected with humour when appropriate. I felt it was good value for money.”
M Hopkins

“A mind-blowing seminar with endless useful information. Thank you for a very informative day.”
G Moon

“I willingly part with my (seminar fee) to a guy that’s been there.”
R Jones

“Very clearly put over. Obviously a lot of thought and hard work has gone into this seminar. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can use something from the day.”
C Jones

“Thank you for today’s seminar Stuart. You came across as believable and genuine.”
J Kerr

“Broken down to the smallest detail. Just what you need in a fresh business venture.”
R Iacopini

“Very interesting.”
C Wood

“A very informative day. Hard work, but most of all very enjoyable resulting in the day passing very quickly. Good food too!”
I Horsefield

“Stuart knows the information publishing business inside out and was not shy in handing out his hard-won secrets. Do what he says, and if publishing is your bag, you cannot fail to make money.”
S Gould

“This seminar provided a practical, sensible and direct approach to selling information products. The format was succinct yet detailed. Fully informed yet pacey and entertaining.”
L Gray

“Thank you for a fantastic day! We found your presentation extremely easy to follow with so much important information to pass on. We have no hesitation in saying that we can leave here today and start the ball rolling straight away.”
J A Marsh

“Stuart’s delivery is open, honest and very relaxed. He answered everyone’s questions with ease. He knows his market sector inside-out. The most value for money seminar I have ever attended. This one will change my life.”
P Taylor

“I have found Stuart’s presentation to be both informative and educational. It was presented in a straightforward understandable manner. I would highly recommend Stuart’s seminars. Thank you.”
T Truong

“A great course which is packed with huge amounts of useful information. It was extremely informative and thorough.”
D Morris

“Good presentation and very good information.”
R Mooks

“I came along as a guest feeling sceptical. However I can go home with excitement and anticipation of our coming future. Stuart was highly approachable and friendly and reassuring. Thank you!!”
E Bramhall

“Informative seminar delivered with enthusiasm and honesty.”
F Omeobi

“Thank you very much Stuart for a very informative presentation. It was more than value for money in terms of content.”
L Sebi

“Stuart Goldsmith is very impressive indeed. Unlike so many American-style public speakers he comes across as highly intelligent, experienced and utterly convincing. I would highly recommend him, his courses and his seminars to anyone whatever their level of business expertise.”
P Millo

“I found the seminar easy to follow. Stuart’s style is genuine and he interacts comfortably with the audience rather than dictating. He comes across as honest and believable and certainly more than full value for the ticket price.”
M Scantlin

“The model was explained fully and each step was put over in order and simply. I left confident.”
M Swann

“Excellent! Well worth the money. Thank you.”
G White

“Very Good.”
A White

“This course was an extraordinary experience. I would never have believed or expected that we could be given so much, in every sense.”
C Alford

“Very informative, intense course clearly laid out. Believable.”
T Ross

“Stuart I consider you to be genuine and it is clear that you want to give back by empowering people to do their best. For that, I salute you.”
L Stone

“Brilliant seminar. Can’t wait to start.”
E Lawrence

“A five star seminar. Stuart is a first-class communicator; clear and concise. This was a long intensive day but not a moment was wasted – no guff, no padding – the whole business laid out from A-Z and everything in figures, black and white with no grey areas.”
A Thompson

“I was initially hesitant about this concept but the clarity of presentation and structure has convinced me that I can do this as you have supplied all the tools that I need. A terrific presentation.”
P Watts

“Excellent workshop and value for money. All necessary tools provided and explained clearly- step by step. It is now up to the individual to follow and become successful.”
A Colclough

“The seminar was very informative and very well laid out. It was an excellent opportunity for me to get that extra knowledge that will help build the wealth I have always been striving for.”

“An intense day full of practical information and interesting anecdotes.”
J Banks

“All content. All useful. Good stuff!”
I Ross

“I found Stuart’s seminar interesting, the products on offer superb and have great earning potential. The resources and contacts provided to me will save a lot of time in getting any business off the ground.”
J C Yekta

“I am sitting in the Heathrow departure lounge reflecting on what has been a great day. We would like to thank you for your time and passing on your knowledge today.”
A Whyte

“Very Good! Thanks for the opportunity.”
A Parr

“Stuart you were very inspiring and kept our enthusiasm up even though the subject matter was quite intense. Thank you.”
S Parr

“Many thanks for a very inspiring seminar.”
A Wooldridge

“Very good!!!”
J Wildsmith

“Very useful – massive potential. A real eye-opener for how not to waste your life. I have, after putting in 12+ hours a day for 20+ years.”
T Nielsen

“Very useful. Stimulating, motivating with some excellent ideas.”
S Loxton

“I think the presentation was excellent. Stuart held my attention 100% throughout and was a very lucid, articulate and fascinating speaker. I would recommend the course and training day to anyone.”
R Ayres

“Coming to the seminar I was slightly skeptical. However… It became apparent that you have used all these methods and were sincere about all you said. You have gone through all the tactics very simply and translated it into common sense. I was also very glad it was not an American style seminar.”
B Astbury

“Extremely informative. Delivered in a very straightforward, logical, easy to understand manner. Very useful ‘live’ examples.”
C Gordon

“I believed that I would be leaving at lunchtime (with my money back!!!) Enjoyed the course – good value for money. If it doesn’t kick-start me then I need a kicking.”
B Egerton

“Very to-the-point presentation. Concise yet clear. Questions answered very well. I know I have all the tools now to realise my dreams.”
J Little

“Today was a day when those present were truly given the opportunity to see what happens when you have the chance to use The Midas Touch. Hugely enjoyable and now the rest is up to us.”
G W Freebury

“Very convincing. Sounds very promising. Helpful and well organised. Had a number of questions and all were answered.”
J North

“I have greatly enjoyed the training day. I find it difficult to imagine there could be any way to improve the content. I sincerely feel I have every detail required to make a success of the business and now feel motivated to take action.”
R Plummer

“I have enjoyed the presentation today very much. Very well spoken, very clear and easy to understand. Straight to the point. Overall, very good.”
S Hunt

“Having attended a few seminars I was rather daunted by your comments at the start of the seminar. However, although a long day, it has been interesting and enjoyable. A nice small group. Most of all the style of conveying the message fro Stuart has been ‘easy listening’. All points have been covered and all pertinent questions answered. An excellent day.”
T Rainey

“I think I have now obtained more than sufficient knowledge to go away and run my successful business.”
D Honeyman

“Very good seminar. Good atmosphere, good pace, good content and presentation. Extremely god, knowledgeable information. Invaluable experience.”
A C Timmins

“I had to get up at 5.30am and drive 2.5hours through to fog to get to this seminar. I was fairly cynical before I started but really wowed by what I learned at the end of the day. Thanks Stuart!!”
G Tait

“Excellent presentation. Really inspiring. Amazing products and a wonderful opportunity for freedom. A great training course. Thank you Stuart for a really wonderful opportunity.”
V Palorse

“Good visual aids. Informative. Kept attention of audience. Answered questions as appropriate. Honest and down to earth.”
I Kiyan

“Covered step-by-step in a straightforward, comprehensive manner how I can set up my own information publishing business.”
M Flynn

“Informal and friendly. Informative and enlightening – good motivation.”
N Latham

“A very useful day. I look forward to starting the rest of my life as me – not just someone’s mum!”
M Baptie

“I enjoyed the day very much considering I went in very cautious. I found it to be a real eye-opener and it made me think differently. The presentation was very easy to follow and clearly laid out. Thank you very much for today.”
A Yallop

“An extremely informative day, My head is spinning with the avalanche of information. Excellent!”
J Turner

“As a trainer myself, my delegates are not normally awake at 6pm after such an early start – and we’re all still going! Very informative. Simple and easy to follow style – no pushy sales. This is what we have been looking for.”
A Tait

“Thanks for a great day. This day will change my life. Thank you Stuart.”
C Stokholm

“I very much enjoyed the seminar which was extremely informative. More importantly I came away with a take-away business model already set up and running with each step of the process explained.”
J Marley

“Extraordinary day.”
K McHarrison

“Interesting day. Watch this space!”
F Fawcass

“What an informative seminar! Packed with practical, easy to understand information. Not only believable, but encouraging. Stuart is a very entertaining speaker, making it clear how to do this (business) myself. Whilst making it all understandable, he is entertaining you as well. Also, the extra free gifts were a brilliant bonus. So glad I came.”
M Charles

“I found the seminar easy to follow, very informative and helpful.”
M Holdsworth

“A real eye-opener as to how simple it can be to make some REAL money for minimal effort!”
T Griffin

“Simply the best opportunity I have ever seen.”
J McConnell

“It’s been great to meet you after all these years Stuart. It’s been a fantastic seminar, very inspiring and I’m very happy with the take-aways, the deal and surprise give-aways. Cheers Stuart!”
R Best

“Stuart gave me a complete understanding of this fantastic business. It will give me freedom and control of my life. Thank you, Stuart!”
S Amundsen

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the seminar today. I came here to get my money back. Stuart has completely changed my mind. I have been very impressed with the thorough content and the clear delivery.”
M Harris

“A very exciting, well-presented seminar.”
I Niven

“Thank you for a great seminar and all the ‘freebies’. My head is still spinning from the simplicity and the size of the potential profits from this business.”
S Aris

“Wonderfully informative seminar.”
Dr V Balonwu

“Very thorough, very patient, very informative.”
G Price

“I had a very good day in this workshop.”
S Chantor

“Really enjoyable and informative seminar. Stuart has a wonderful way of getting his message across. I felt as if I had known him for ages.  His friendly manner and obvious knowledge of the ins and outs of the business were there for all to see. He has given me the desire and confidence to make a success of my chosen business and I would recommend him above anyone else to teach and encourage one through the business jungle.”
A Charles

“Logical, methodical, informative business plan at a pace that accommodated all attendees. The support material is very comprehensive.”
C J Pitt

“Has a confident style to his presentation and has an extraordinary amount of knowledge in his area of expertise’ Seminar was well organised and very informative.”
M R Patel

“I am eternally grateful for both your time and patience as to our never-ending stream of questions. Today was an uplifting and extraordinary experience which I will not forget in a hurry. I would recommend it to everyone to taste this experience. A big thank you.”
K Ovendon

“A lot to pack into one day, but Stuart has brought a real sense of purpose to the business.”
D Watkins

“An amusing and light-hearted approach broke the day up nicely. Information was of top quality – simple and clear. Enjoyable and extremely happy with the day’s events.”
J Street

“A well-structured day at a superb venue. The seminar was done in a very positive and enthusiastic manner. The future looks bright!”
M Aldridge

“An excellent exposition of the methodology and tools and philosophy that lead to successful publishing and mail order selling.”
S Masters

“This did deliver what was promised and I have now got the information and support required to make this a success.”
S Patel

“Excellent day though long and tiring. All fired up and ready to make a go of the business.”
G Watkinson

“Excellent day. If I can’t make a success of this then I must be doing something wrong!”
G Bunt

“I would firstly like to congratulate you on an excellent presentation at the seminar, which has been most helpful. I would also like to thank you for accelerating my career. The more I work towards a start date, the more I realise how much you have done for me.”
A Butler

“I was overwhelmed by Stuart, the seminar and all the products provided. What incredible value – access to all the greatest information products I had so enjoyed reading and lots more besides. Since then I have left my full-time hateful job and now spend my days following my dream. I am confident of making £100k from the business within the next 12 months… and that’s just a start. Thank you Stuart, I am indebted to you for providing this life-changing opportunity.”
M Brooksbank

“Going great! Over 100 subscribers already!
B Jones

“Following your advice, and in conjunction with your superb sales materials, I look forward to generating an additional £300,000 p.a. from the excellent products provided in your retirement seminar package. It was definitely worth every penny.”
S Johansson

“Just a quick note to thank you most sincerely for all your efforts and more importantly the opportunity to achieve …wealth. I appreciate the difficulties of talking for over 8 hours at a stretch, but believe me your message came over loud and clear”
A Pinkham

“Thanks again for your inspiration. Until I first read of your thoughts I felt sure nobody else thought as I did. I am leaving the ‘pen’ forever and closing the gate behind me. I will always be in your debt.”

“I think the mail-order world is losing one of the very best of the best. There is only one Stuart Goldsmith and there will never be another. With best wishes.”
K Padden

“Thank you for everything you have contributed. Your material is unique and worth its weight in gold. There are very, very few people I could say that about.”
D Daish

“I attended your seminar. I have made a start and am very pleased with the results so far – so thank you very much!”
E Howson

“Today I got my first order and… I became a mail-order marketing man for real and it feels great! For now, I’m just going to savour the moment and say, Cheers to you, Stuart.”
S Bottomley

“It worked a treat! My 8-page letter (mailed to 8,000 prospects) has generated over 450 responses – giving a response rate of 5.6%. Thanks again.”
S J Hill

“Just a quick note to thank you for the free product worth over £2,000. This is much appreciated and I am expecting my first orders any day now.”
H Woodman

“Stuart, Thank you for the seminar, it was everything and more that I could have wished for, true to your word it included everything you promised. The whole package I feel privileged to receive for a quite paltry sum, I now feel sure this will enable me to take my life in the direction I wish. Thank you.
P Duncan

“Thank you for sharing the opportunity with us.  I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and meeting with you.  I am really looking forward to achieving great things with this business. Thanks again for a GREAT DAY.”
J Cotton

“I just wanted to write you a ‘thank you’ note and tell you some exciting news. Since attending your retirement seminar I am now just about to buy my first house as a direct result of your help and advice – I could never have done this before, so thank you for everything.Good luck with your retirement.”
F Hill

“Sales of your products are picking up. I am also starting a newsletter. One section will be called “Legends of Marketing” – you will be in issue 1 – I hope you feel suitably honoured!”
N Wrathall

“Hi Stuart, Gordon Bryan here. I wondered if you might be interested in my progress? I have 2 sites on line now, one is for my own newsletter now with around 1700 subscribers!”
G Bryan

“Many thank for your reply. As always I value your advice. I appreciate the time you took to address my query. You are indeed a truly genuine man. Grateful thanks.”
P Peters

“I am very excited about the results we are getting from our first test mailout. Thank you for offering us this opportunity.”
Lifetools Ltd

“Just mailed my first 1,000 and have got some replies! So far everything you have said has been true.”
K Bengtsson

“I am VERY, VERY, VERY pleased. Cheers for your help Stuart.”
S Cowan

“Had my first £600+ day last week – more than my wages for a week’s ‘work’ in my old job. Yours profoundly.”
N Wrathall

“First of all, we now have over 200 members, so a 5% response isn’t bad! This has grossed us over 140,000 which is a great return on our investment for the license!!! We are now in our dream house, with help from The Midas Method. We would still be struggling to survive if it hadn’t been for your products. Stuart, Thank you for the great products and sales letters.”

“Thank you…thank you…thank you. Your seminar answered all of my doubts and left me with a plan. Thank you for being so credible, inspirational and honest.”
E Cunnick

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for the seminar. I have to say I learned more in one day than in my entire life.”
J Emrith

“Thank you for an inspirational and memorable day – it was like a breath of fresh air.”
R Morrison

“Many thank for what was a really life-changing experience.”
R Snow

“Just to say thanks. It was a great day and one which will change my life. I am so glad I bought Yvonne with me, she was only interested at first in seeing your accounts. She is a Yorkshire lass, so extremely sceptical and money-conscious. But, having seen for herself she now knows everything is legal and above board. I have been through the CD and can’t believe what you have given us. The print instructions alone would have taken me weeks to figure out. It’s all so complete. Thanks again for everything.”
A Betts

“Wow!! That was my impression of the seminar. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us all – really much appreciated. I can’t wait to take advantage of what I now hold in my hands.”
H Woodman

“Thank you for a great seminar. I’ve attended a couple before and usually have a job to keep my eyes open. When I read yours was 8 hours I thought oh no, I’ll have to take a couple of matchsticks along. I’m happy to say I didn’t need them. Thanks again.”
N Michaelides

“Thank you Stuart. I went home with the one purpose to take some action. It’s a great opportunity for all the people who attended the seminar.”
K Thompson

“Yours was the best seminar I have ever attended in terms of value for money. I’ve never been to one where anyone has been so honest about what was needed to set a business up and none of us have any excuses if we don’t make it work. Kind regards.

“Thank you for providing us with such a splendid business opportunity.”
H Lorkins

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and benefited from your splendid workshop. Thank you for your enlightened and generous approach. I knew I could trust you and your excellent colleagues. With best wishes and my profound appreciation for all you have done for us.”
D Cooke

“Just a note to say thanks for a wonderful day at your workshop. It was truly amazing to meet you and I am still overwhelmed by your terrific presentation.”
P Peters

“This is just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic opportunity you handed me on Saturday. Having heard your name for so many years it was good to have a chance to meet you at last. Thanks again.”
A Chastney

“I would like to put in writing my appreciation for a really excellent seminar last Saturday.”
A Deeprose

“Wow, what an exciting and enjoyable day we had on Saturday. Once again, thanks for your guidance.”
S Georgiou

“Thank you, thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I am indebted to you, not just for the amazing seminar, moreover for your care and humanity. Thank you so much.”
H Wingrave

“I had to say a late thank you. I now have a potentially life-changing future. It was my birthday, and your seminar etc., was the best gift I’ve had in my life. As stated, your training is worth much more than the price for the deal and I think we would have gladly paid more. Again, thank you.”
C Conway

“Congratulations on the seminar. It was a magical day. I’ve had a great journey and am grateful for your help on certain matters.”
R Clarke

“I have already received values worth many times what I paid you for them – you owe me nothing. You have been more than generous in all our past dealings. Thank you very much.”

“My gratitude towards you is inexpressible.”

“I would like to congratulate you on a first-class seminar last Saturday giving me the inspiration, confidence and determination to take action. You have certainly put something back into the pot!”
P Wittering

“You gave us an amazing bargain as well as an inspiring introduction to direct mail. I have now reread the great CD you sent us before the event and viewed 6 (so far) of the brilliant System tapes.”
D Cooke

“We would both like to thank you for selecting us and giving us the opportunity to carry on your successful business. The professionalism and tips passed on during the day and you patience and tact – it must have been a long day for you. Once again, thanks for the opportunity.”
G Harrison

“I have always been a loyal supporter of yours and have learnt many things from you. Even if I said ‘thank you’ a million times it wouldn’t be enough.”
G Smith

“Once again, thanks for this wonderful opportunity and the screeds of great advice you have passed on over the years.”
B Johnston

“Just a quick one, pretty much, whether indirectly or directly you’ve influenced my decision on a lot of things. The most major realisation is that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life. That is a pretty powerful piece of information! Due to this my life has changed dramatically, as well as a lot of things, I am going travelling round the world for 3 and a half months AND my company are keeping my job open for me! My whole attitude on life has changed and I thank you for it.”
C Jones

“I can hardly believe how many months have past since I bought your Retirement Seminar Licence.  A lot has happened since then. You may remember I was the guy who did the drain-clearing for a living! Anyway, now is a good time to tell you how it’s all gone for me. To be honest, I was a little sceptical about making this work. After all, I knew nothing about publishing and writing or the mail order side. But you made it all so easy for me and it’s worked out just like you said – actually better! So well that we are now in Spain having decided to give it a go out here and live the good life. We’re not yet sure if it will work out for us living here, but it’s better than the UK and we’re all enjoying the sun. Just like you said, you can run this anywhere in the world, and it only takes me about an hour a day compared to the 9 hour days I often used to put in when I was doing the drain thing. Out of all the fantastic products you gave us, I decided to concentrate on one as this is something I have always been interested and I’ve dabbled a bit in the past. As a direct result of your advice and support, I have made over £47,000  – and I reckon that’s just the start. So cheers to you, Stuart. I don’t reckon I’d have done this without you and you have shown me a way to be financially free and with a load more spare time as well.”
M Edgson

“From my initial joining of Inner Circle to becoming a Licensee with the rights to publish and distribute the materials, I am now well on my way to living the lifestyle of my dreams. Many sincere thanks to Stuart Goldsmith”
D Woodward-Parker

“I enrolled on numerous self-improvement courses and spent thousand YES THOUSANDS of pounds on Micky-Mouse business opportunities, 90% of which were not worth the paper they had been written on. But fortunately a few years ago I was introduced to a course which set the foundations for creating a new lifestyle, which thankfully I have now acquired. I have had great success promoting one of your products from the seminar. Once again Stuart, many thanks for helping me regain my life!!!”
T Gaunt

“I bought into your licensing deal for all of your products and I have had good success with it.”
T Babington

“Not only am I enjoying testing my copywriting skills, but I am actually starting to turn a profit. After marketing just one of the nine products, I have made a little over £1,500 from my first mailing – and that was just a test! I fully expect to triple this with my next mailing and I feel like I haven’t even started yet! Thanks Stuart for offering what I now realise is a licence to print money.”
H Woodman

“I am writing to express my thanks. My business is turning over several thousand and this is just the beginning. Within the next few months I intend to increase my turnover by around £5,000 a month! My customers just can’t seem to get enough. It’s such a good feeling when I get glowing testimonials from them. You lit my blue touch paper – and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re a star!”
J Seiffer

“An inspirational writer and speaker. I will now put into action all that I have learned. Watch this space!”
J Street

I made back the money for the licence straight away, so have been making a fair profit each month since.”
S Cowan