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"There's perfect and there's perfect - and that was perfect!"

David Cooper, Chief People Officer, Circle Health Group

How To Develop Resilience

I speak to financial organisations like HG Capital, Deloitte, Santander and Blick Rothenberg, software companies like Softwire, Mimecast and Armakuni, and a wide variety of others including Sainsbury's, LEGO, eBay, ONS, Comic Relief, BBC, Celsus, UKTV, and The Royal British Legion, about what they can learn from the distilled wisdom of brand leaders in the comedy industry.

"The most inspiring talk I've had in years!"

- LEGO Group Team Member

The Sharp End & The Blunt End Of Resilience



I’ve interviewed over 400 of the world’s best standup comics.

They drive to a distant town. They stand on stage, alone. They get heckled. They have awkward silences. Often they bomb. Then they drive home alone. And do the same the following night.

The one thing they have in common is that they keep going.

In this 45min session (+Q&A), given live or over video conferencing, I’ll teach you how they cultivate their resilience. 

"Stuart was excellent and the feedback I have received from the team has been really positive.  I am delighted with how the session went and we definitely made the right choice.
"The topic was very on point and resonated really well with the group, and without question, Stuart delivered it incredibly well.  I (and the team) were really impressed that Stuart could hold the audience with such engagement in a virtual environment for his 45 minute session – the time flew by!"
Nimesh Shah - CEO Blick Rothenberg
(presentation happened via Zoom)


This talk is suited to executives but would benefit anyone who wants to discover a public persona which is resonant and real, rooted deeply in their self, but which is flexible enough to accommodate difficult people and situations.

We cover consistency, managing risk, and selecting what to share, as well as examining the difference between specific high profile comedians: who they are is very different, but how they are is more similar...

“He hit the nail on the head with the topic.  His delivery was faultless, informative and funny too. He has a real knack for making the participants feel at ease and open up. It’s not an easy gig delivery a virtual presentation to CEOs across the globe. We would thoroughly recommend Stuart for any event; I certainly could watch him every night of the week!”

- Kasia Joniec - HG Capital

Anchor 3

"Stuart was brilliant; he nailed the brief, and the balance of meaningful content and humour was perfect for our audience. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for an uplifting and engaging speaker, especially if you are looking for something more original and entertaining than the usual ‘motivational talks’."


- Jo Matkin, CEO, Celsus Group

"The feedback from all attendees was incredibly positive.  Stu is an engaging speaker who mixes humour with brilliant advice, his session sparked many thoughts and conversation points that we wouldn’t normally discuss together as colleagues and it encouraged people to open up as they considered implementing some of the techniques discussed to improve resilience. Thanks Stu!”


- Matt Evans, Comms Lead for major FMCG company

(presentation happened via Microsoft Teams)

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