What have others said about Stuart’s books and courses?

These are all genuine testimonials from readers of Stuart Goldsmith’s books and courses. Only one extract has been used per letter. Over 1000 letters are held on file. Numbers in brackets index the original letter on file. Missing numbers are for letters which are positive but not worth extracting, e.g. "I loved the course, very well written," "It certainly is a very good book." etc.

"Now is a good time to tell you what you have done for me. A year and a half ago I was £140,000 in debt. I had lost my sense of direction and was going through life like a ship which had lost its steering. This year I will clear £100,000 profit. I am very happy." (ICNT0743)

"I had to write and thank you for the astonishing change in my life. As you will know, I have made many fortunes in my life… MAJOR UK POP STAR in the sixties and seventies. The first week in my new Stuart Goldsmith business I made close to £1,400.00. In the first year (very part time)

, close to £53,000. Although I tour all over the world singing and playing our number-one hits, I make more dosh from my Stuart Goldsmith type business as taught to me by the Inner Circle." (483)

"Your course prompted me to write my own stuff which has sold through mail order about two million quid’s worth. Nearly every time you provide me with some in-formation, I end up making money. You are, respectfully, the Governor." (671)

"Since completing (the course)

I have moved from my one-bedroom flat to my dream home. Things started to happen soon after receiving the first two levels. Thank you Stuart for your help." (ICNT070)

"I should mention that the information (you sent)

was immensely helpful and I went on to create, from a virtual standstill, a huge business which was so successful." (467)

"I am way beyond being merely satisfied with what I have received. The information is potentially worth thousands of times the cost price. I have already made the move to start my own business. This is going reasonably well – turnover £400,000 in the last eight months. Once again – thanks." (ICNT104)

"Just a quick note to thank you. I am truly amazed that so much of what you have written has become a central part of my life and work philosophy. I now employ 6 people and can confirm it does take approximately 8 years to make a million pounds! Once again thank you. I believe I owe you much of my success." (604)

"Ten months ago I had four credit cards debts of £4,000-£5,000 each. I was earning £8.50 an hour and had to live in a hovel of a home. To date I have paid off all my credit cards and have a lovely new home." (ICNT021)

"I have expanded my business dramatically from a turn-over of £30,000 to £360,000. This is a practical example of achievement following your course." (267)

"I felt I had to write to you. I set myself the target of £100,000 and I am already well past quarter of that total!" (263)

"Stuart, I just want you to know that for the last 3 years I have made a fabulous full-time living selling my own publications via mail order. In October I moved into a 6 bedroom detached house. All this is down to the inspira-tion you gave me. I thank you for just about everything I have achieved over the last few years." (545)

"I must tell you what I have achieved though, because I believe it to be a fine example of what can be accom-plished using your methods. Starting from two small of-fices and two phones we grew to a turnover of approxi-mately £1million! Looking back now, this all seems rather magical. The point is, I achieved my goal… so I must thank you for that." (617)

"As a result of (your course)

I live in a mortgage-free house and drive a decent car. Thank you for saving my life this past year." (ICNT061)

"I am making quite a lot of money lately. Give yourself a big pat on the back." (547)

"I found your literature very rewarding both financially and personally. As a result of your course materials my turnover has doubled and I have moved to a bigger house, address below." (352)

"Since joining your group I have gone from minus £35,000 to PLUS £35,000. Not only that, but my bank manager now phones to make an appointment with ME! I now only fly first class." (ICNT030)

"Now I’m making more money in ONE WEEK than I used to make in TWO MONTHS in my so-called secure job. You clearly have the best knowledge around." (ICNT031)

"I had got to the stage where I did not know where to turn due to major financial problems. Things were so bad I even found myself taking money from the children’s piggy banks. After following your advice, I got my creditors to write off £8,000 of debt and I have almost £2,000 in sav-ings. My outlook on life is entirely different. Thank you." (ICNT025)

"Since reading (your materials)

I now work half the hours I used to, but earn more. I hadn’t had a foreign holiday in 7 years; this year the family went to Malta and we pur-chased a time share for £9,000. I drive a better car and have spent thousands on house improvements! Since reading Inner Circle I am a different person." (ICNT002)

"Back in 1999 I read a little book you wrote. Your words inspired me, and almost immediately my luck changed. I am now well on my way to the million (£650,000.00)

. Thank you very much for the inspiration."

"Since completing (the course)

I am now financially sol-vent and getting richer each month. I am running my own business, driving a new car and my house has been totally refurbished." (ICNT102)

"As a result of my membership I was able to purchase a plot of land in the country and plans are well advanced to build my new home there. (Your course)

has helped me in every area of my life." (ICNT114)

"Here’s what I’ve done: sold my house in the UK with £22,000 equity, Moved overseas to work, paid off all debts – DEBT FREE! All within one year of reading your ex-cellent material." (381)

"As a member who has now reached level 8, I have just made my first £3,000 using your advice and am so de-lighted that I had to let you have this feedback." (589)

"Since completing the course, I have moved from my one-bed flat in Portsmouth to my dream home in Bournemouth with its own garden in a lovely area. It would be no exag-geration to say things started happening after receiving the first two lessons. I work for myself now, and business is looking good, so thank you once again Stuart, for all your help." (582)

"I am writing to tell you what first-class advice I obtained as a member. Following the advice, I am now working from home, I own three properties. Stuart has kept to his every promise and has helped me whenever I have needed advice." (560)

"I have made a lot of changes to my life since applying the teachings. I am solvent, plus slowly becoming richer. I would just like to thank you for the immense help you have given me over the years." (417)

"I have been very busy applying the lessons. Last month I was promoted, completely out of the blue. This move is accompanied by a significant pay increase and a company car." (ICNT076)

"Thanks to (your course)

I have now started my own com-pany and the future is looking very rosy indeed. I would never have done this without the confidence (your course)

gave me." (ICNT086)

"I am literally BURNING to read the subsequent materials in the course, and cannot wait!" (0028)

"It’s been a while since I wrote to you and told you what a wonderful job you’re doing. I’ve made so much loot, I’ve moved and bought my own house – for cash!" (402)

"From the first release, I knew it was a great investment. You held your word, and I appreciate that. Honesty is very rare these days. The last ten months has been an experi-ence, a life-changer. I am privileged and proud to be an Initiate. You’re exceptional. You have made my year – my life. This letter is to say a massive Thank You." (0068)

"To Stuart Goldsmith. To thank you for his efforts in teaching and sharing with others, to give them hope for a better and freer future" (0070)

"Re: Your wonderful, exciting and humorous manuals. I LOVE (your)

material!!! I am always eagerly waiting for the next issue. It either strengthens the knowledge I have, or adds to it." (0077)

"I have entered my 7th month under your personal guid-ance towards the goals of POWER, WEALTH and FREEDOM. My life has been completely transformed since I made the commitment to travel this path. I not only read your material numerous times every month but con-stantly refer to it"" (0097)

"Firstly, your material is magic- pure magic! I have spent fifty-eight years coming to the same conclusions – but without arriving at the real solutions." (0127)

"The course is superb. I am now completely out of debt and look forward to making real money." (0146)

"Absolutely bloody marvellous! I’ve had lots of materials from other sources, but this beats the lot! I always feel better after reading it. Great stuff!" (0136)

"The course has been valuable, and I am confident that I will make a lot of money out of it." (0154)

"The time to express my appreciation for your guidance over the last ten months is long overdue. The amazing information within the releases is just brilliant." (0159)


materials have not changed my life. "Changed" does not do the thing justice! It’s as if I was walking along a very dark, lonely path carrying a small torch that only lit up a small way ahead." (323)

"Although I have not yet completed (the materials)

I would like to thank you for giving me the knowledge and confidence to make dramatic turn-arounds in my financial and personal circumstances. During the last 12 months, I created a fantastic new business which now employs 3 people and is producing very good profits. A BIG thank you, Stuart." (676)

"Progress, just to let you know. I have quadrupled my in-come, got rid of all debt. The reason for my success is a quantum shift in my thinking." (683)

"Thank you for the excellent teachings. Since starting the course, my free income has increased from £12,000 to £45,000+" (693)

"I would like to thank you VERY, VERY MUCH for sharing your wisdom with me. You are a remarkable man. Briefly, you have helped me a very great deal." (0160)

"I am well pleased. I have got one idea that I am now us-ing which is worth ten times the price of the course." (172)

"(The course)

has quite literally changed my life. At last I can do whatever I want with my life, and don’t have to an-swer to anyone." (173)

"I take this opportunity of thanking you for transforming me from a loser to a winner." (184)

"When I first subscribed, I was £3000 in debt. That has now all cleared. I have £3000 in a Tessa account and £1250 in a deposit account. The last step now is to get rid of my mortgage." (216)

"I would like to express my appreciation for the incredibly useful information and techniques throughout your course over the last 9 months. I have made £800 working 10-15 hours a week." (663)

"I can’t begin to put a monetary value on your literature. It is quite simply the closest thing to magic which exists." (222)

"I have cleared over £3000 worth of debt and cleared an overdraft. I have taken a foreign holiday for the first time in six years. Keep the information coming!" (241)

"It’s about time I said thank you. I had been a drug addict for many years until I hit rock bottom. Then a (good friend)

forced me to read (your work)

. This was the turn-ing point in my life when I found the strength to stop dead taking drugs, smoking and drinking. No rehab, just my own personal hell. Thank you for your much needed inspi-ration." (705)

"Let me just say a coupla things Stuart. You are the person most responsible for the man I am today, what I am and who I am. No amount of thanks can be given for that." (710)

"I have learned so much from you with all your writing, courses etc. The things I have learned, and the person I have become are a lot to do with your teachings, which have been priceless to me. My business now turns over £10,000 per month, when only a few short years ago it was running at a complete loss! The list goes on. Thank you once again." (711)

"I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time and ex-plain what’s happened to me since (studying the course)

. I got my PhD; I’m in a wonderful relationship; started my own business; have my own successful e-commerce con-sultancy; almost debt-free. This letter is a long overdue ‘thank you’" (620)

"Since doing the course, I have started an Overseas Prop-erty Company which is now starting to take off big time." (633)

"When I first subscribed, I was 3k in debt. Now my (sav-ings account)

is over £7k and deposit account over £5k. We are moving to an even bigger detached house – and not selling the old one. You can add Barbados, Jamaica and a round the world trip to the holiday list." (648)

"As a direct result of completing the course I am market-ing an income generating manual which produced a stag-gering 11% response. This is very gratifying. I have banked just over £2,000 in 3 days! Thanks Stuart, for get-ting me on the right track." (650)

"Stuart, you are truly one in a million – a precious gem. I don’t care how embarrassed I make you feel by saying things like this. Sometimes you simply have to say things as they are." (653)

"I want to express my great thanks for the opportunities that (your course)

has opened for me. My self confidence and self-esteem have skyrocketed. My income has more than doubled in the last six months. I have recently started to learn or relearn a dozen arts and skills that I had lost interest in. When the student is ready, the Master will ap-pear. I believe Stuart is The Master. I know the fantastic changes which have occurred in my life in a few short months." (636)

"I am writing to thank you for a simple idea you suggested to me. Through applying this simple idea I have made over £1000 profit in one month. I have tried many busi-ness opportunities, but they do not come close to your amazing skills and teachings. I cannot thank you enough Stuart. You are the MAN!" (637)

"I was struggling. Skint. My petrol tank was running on empty. Now thanks to you and the priceless information you gave me. I am enjoying tremendous success. This has completely transformed my business from a plodding ‘also ran’ to an outstanding success. All thanks to you. Your information has changed my life." (638)

"Mr Goldsmith, I am 42 and have never in my life seen materials like these. The only way I can describe it is that I have been all my life in a dark cave and you have pulled me out." (255)

"I think it is very much time that I gave you my sincere thanks for a quite UNBELIEVABLE course. It is simply RED HOT with astounding and mind-blowing informa-tion." (528)

"Well what can I say except – I’m gob-smacked! You knocked my socks off. I’m still in shock!" (256)

"I had to write to you to say ‘BRILLIANT’. I have never seen anything like this before." (258)

"I now have a few hundred pounds more than if I had not joined. This money was gained simply by following your advice." (293)

"Thank you for (your materials)

. The whole lot didn’t cost me a week’s wages. Fantastic value for money."

"Just to add to your list of glowing testimonials, may I say that my attitude to life has changed for the better. I have already paid off one loan of £3600. Thank you for putting me on the path to success." (298)

"In all my life I’ve never read anything quite so thrilling or exciting. Wow! Amazing! Unbelievable! The course was worth every penny. What more can I say?" (505)

"Thank you for saving my life this past year. I am so much happier, and your monthly epistle has given me the cour-age to move forward." (302)

"My salary has increased 25% compared with last year. I do feel I am on the way now." (305)

"I’d probably follow you to the end of the planet just to catch your wisdom." (309)

"You are without doubt a genius. Your words of wisdom are just what is needed to get the most out of life." (322)

"I am indebted to you. Last month I was promoted and am due to take over from my boss in a couple of week’s time." (340)

"(The course)

… is brilliant!! I mean… really brilliant!" (374)

"I’ve picked up quite a lot from you. In the past year I’ve doubled my income and halved my overheads. I’ve built my own house here in Ashford and looking forward to a nice ‘med’ holiday." (408)

"I have read a good many books in the past on wealth, but you are the only guy who actually gives the recipe to suc-cess. I feel privileged to be a part." (423)

"I can only say many, many thanks indeed for exposing me to a way of making a considerable amount of money." (424)

"I’ve just finished reading and all I can say is… blimey! Brilliant! Challenging, or what? I could go on, but I don’t want to wear out my exclamation mark key!" (434)

"You are the teacher, the master, the guru. Thank you for a new life." (454)

"Thank you for the content of your course. I reckon I will easily save ten times the cost of your material each year without really trying." (468)

"I have gained a great deal from your (materials)

which helped me to establish a small business. I have managed to get reward from something that was missing in the market and giving people happiness – which is my aim in life. I just feel you have taught me well, and I will leave it at that." (470)

"You have literally caused me to undertake a full revision of my view of the world. The pieces are still falling!" (479)

"I would like to begin by saying how positively these ma-terials have changed my life. Four years ago I was a very poor student. I can say now without a shadow of a doubt, your materials are worth their weight in gold." (481)

"You may like to know that since joining your group I have gone from about -£35k to +£35k. It’s the first time in my life (I’m 67 now)

that I‘ve run a business that has a positive cash-flow." (490)

"The last ten months of guidance, instruction and knowl-edge has done exactly what it said on the tin. It has con-sistently and permanently blown my eyes open a little wider each month. The wealth material is staggering." (506)

"Stuart Goldsmith refers to himself as ‘a minor guru’. Initially I took exception to this but soon realised that this was a classic example of his humble nature. I decided to approach ‘the big boss’ himself with a proposal of my own. From that day forward I have achieved success after success." (534)

"You have inspired me to achieve things that I would never have believed myself capable of over the years. Thank you so much for your advice. You will never know how much good you have done." (558)

"It’s been an incredible three years since I joined. I feel it’s now time to write to you and inform you of the dra-matic impact you have had on my life. Before I joined I honestly didn’t know how I was going to get out of the rut I was in. Then came (your course)

. The philosophy is lib-erating, to say the least. I am now free of most of the gar-bage that littered my life. I drive a sports car, have per-sonal and company investments. I am fitter, happier and relish life. It is the best money I ever spent and I don’t know how to thank you." (563)

"Can you imagine what a ray of light it was to receive your letter and your materials? It hasn’t happened com-pletely yet, but I think you’ve turned my life around. That makes you a remarkable man in my eyes." (755)

"I shall ever remain grateful to you. You’re not only a true friend, you’re also a saviour. Thanks a million." (578)

"In reply to my tearful email at Christmas you said you wanted to touch lives. Well Stuart, you have. Thank to your advice I am now in the most special, precious friend-ship and I have you to thank for it." (606)

"You’ve probably heard this before, but I’m finding it hard to look back on what I used to be like. I’ve started my own company now and have some big plans for the fu-ture." (610)

"I would just like to thank you for being the main catalyst in the recent complete overhaul of my business. I have (seen)

where I’ve been going wrong for ten years." (659)

"Since reading the stuff, I have become totally debt-free and run my own company which is (currently)

worth £100k. I own my house and rent another one out. Keep up the good work." (672)

"I have completed the (course)

and want to say a massive thank you for what has been the most singular inspiring reading I’ve ever done. " (695)


provided me with the most powerful advantages in how to out-think, out-perform and out-wit all opposition. In short, how to succeed against overwhelming odds. Your advice produced results beyond even your description." (ICNT091)

"(Your material)

has totally changed my life for the better. I live in a house I want to live in, drive the car I want and enjoy life to the full. Since taking your advice I have com-pletely cleared my debts. One simple piece of advice was worth the total cost of the course many times over. Thank you for waking me up and encouraging me to get off my backside and do something." (ICNT065)

"I’m just writing to say, ten years on, how grateful I am that I joined ten years ago. It really was a pivotal turning point in my life. As a result of acting upon (your)

financial advice, I managed to clear my debts, then my mortgage and started saving. I have acquired quite a respectable lit-tle nest-egg. Life is definitely on the up and up and I truly believe the changes were orchestrated by you which set me on the road to financial freedom. Thanks Stu." (ICNT084)

"I battled for 20 years with drug addiction. I needed strong help to give me direction and this I found in (your work)

. I now own a house worth £130,000 and intend to purchase a second house shortly, plus I have a portfolio of invest-ments and a very bright future. Thanks to you I have real-ised my dream of 25 years." (ICNT109)

"Just a short note to tell you how much I have gained. I was cynical, but since I started I’ve landed a brilliant con-tract and I will own a 2.5 Tdi Range Rover by Christmas. I have done pretty well for a ‘bird’ in the oil industry! Thanks for the kick up the ass – I needed it! I have also completely stopped smoking and drinking." (ICNT042)

"I now have the family I always wanted and nice clothes, and a nice house. My life is perfect. I have to say ‘cheers!’" (ICNT060)

"Your leadership is totally inspiring. Debts have long since disappeared from my life and I am well on my way to accumulating a nice sum." (ICNT069)

"Since joining your (course)

my life has changed for the better. I am happier and more contented person. I have moved to a bigger house in a more select area of town. I now hold a senior management position." (ICNT072)

"Without any doubt, (the materials)

changed my life com-pletely. Although I’ve never met Stuart I regard him as having done more for me and my happiness than any other person I have contact with. I dread to think what a mess my life would be in without (the course)

." (ICNT081)

"I run a small business and since becoming an initiate of (your course)

, the profits have increased due to Stuart’s in-valuable advice. I am now debt free and the materials are changing my life. Thank you very much. If you have any ‘ditherers’ who want convincing about how genuine you are, get them to call me." (ICNT095)

"I don’t know if you are expecting any feedback, but I just wanted to say that the first issue was BRILLIANT!" (266)

"For the first time in my life I have begun to save, and I can’t believe how quickly the funds have built up." (272)

"I am on my eighth release and can unhesitatingly say that it’s the best literature I have ever read." (277)

"I was going to wait until I had read all of the material before I wrote and gave my opinion. But I feel I have to write and tell you they’re BRILLIANT! The best stuff I have ever read." (281)

"Thank you does not even begin to convey how glad I am to own the ultimate de-mister of the mind. How do I feel? Right now, I’m bubbling.2 (282)

"The wealth creation stuff I’m getting from you is really something else." (283)

"You really have knocked me for six with the teachings. From an extremely grateful person." (284)

"The five levels I have received so far are the best thing I have ever received." (285)

"I would like to say how pleased I am with the releases. To say they are excellent is an understatement." (287)

"I have just received the (first)

package and even at this stage I feel compelled to write to say that the content is ab-solutely brilliant. I simply cannot wait until the next batch comes through my door." (289)

"First of all, let me thank you for your monthly lessons which are already having quite an effect on my life, at this stage, financially. Each month I look forward to receipt of the next instalment." (0014)

"Many thanks for the level 5 materials which arrived on Saturday. I always look forward to them every month. They certainly are a great help to me and they have given me new directions towards starting my own business and making loads of money! Keep up the good work, Stu!" (0019)

"Good morning. I have just dropped you a letter to let you know what a kick up the backside the teachings have given me so far. The Wealth Creation materials have blown my mind. It is amazing stuff." (0032)

"I am truly indebted to lesson seven’s Wealth Generating section for that idea." (0033)

"Just a short note to say a most sincere ‘Thank You’ for the course. Superb is an understatement… you have now opened my eyes so much more that life has become fun once again. My most sincere thanks." (0041)

"So far I’m delighted with the quality of the materials I’ve received. They have been of great benefit and have greatly improved my self-confidence. I am eagerly awaiting the materials for the next grade." (0043)

"I’m quietly confident that joining was the best move I could have made. Congratulations on a truly ‘no-nonsense’ approach to guiding those who have had enough of the lies and cons which exist around us." (0051)

"Thank you for helping me to realise that I will not always have to put up with debt and poverty." (0055)

"Thank you for your letters. You are the only one on the planet I can talk to!" (0059)

"For the first time in many years, I believe I am in touch with someone from whom I can learn a great deal. I do not need convincing of…the absolute truth of what you are saying." (0065)

"I have received nine levels. (It)

has been one of the most positive influences on my life. Several people have com-mented that I seem to have changed over the past year. I know I have – and for the better." (0072)

"I think (the)

releases are top class and very informative. If I make it, which I will, I would like to thank you per-sonally." (0076)

"The contents are once more impressive in their power and clarity. I wish to thank you for communicating your knowledge to me." (0078)

"Congratulations and my heartfelt thanks. My sincere thanks for this month’s lessons. They are terrific value for money." (0084)

"Well! Phew! I started glancing at the wealth creation materials and I could not put it down until I had finished it. I am fascinated and cannot wait for the sequels. I found the Probationer grade materials interesting, to say the least." (0086)

"You have given me hope for the future." (0098)

"I would like to say that I am thrilled with the course. Your philosophy is first class truth. Once again, your (course)

is brilliant." (0099)

"Just a note to thank you for my admission. I have now read the first manual and I can only say ‘Bloody Bril-liant!’" (0100)

"May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on such astonishing and invigorating literature. I sit and read each month’s releases from cover to cover with glee." (0107)

"All ten levels completed. I have lived through the furnace of most things in the teaching materials. The wealth crea-tion materials are something else again! Now I have a million more ideas flying around in my head. Bloody mar-vellous!" (0111)

"Thank you for acceptance into the (group)

. For the first time in my life I have a beautiful successful wealthy fu-ture. You lit the fire within me." (0113)

"Maybe I was cynical…but if I was, I no longer am! I have read and re-read the Probationer materials six or seven times since I received it a week ago. All in all, it must have been written specifically with me in mind." (0118)

"I have decided to write you a letter after reading the Neo-phyte grade materials. I am thoroughly amazed and de-lighted that you are out there." (0124)

"Just a short note to thank you for the magnificent materi-als. I cannot ever remember reading anything that is so exciting – to hell with James Bond – this is for real! What is more – it works!" (0129)

"I have recently concluded your course. I would like you to know that I found the releases fascinating and highly edu-cational. I have certainly benefited from the invaluable ‘in-sider information’ which you so freely divulged in your lit-erature. The Wealth Creation releases are the very BEST that I have ever seen – and believe me, I’ve seen plenty! Please accept my grateful thanks for the course." (0134)

"I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for the wealth-building material. It is the best on the market." (0141)

"I can honestly say that since becoming a member my eyes have been opened. The lessons are superb. Once again, thanks for everything." (0145)

"Definitely the best I’ve come across – and I’ve sampled a few schemes and rejected many more." (0158)

"Firstly, I must say that all the material is simply stun-ning. Never in my life have I read anything like it. Sec-ondly, I must thank you for opening a whole new world to me. Thank you most sincerely for the material. It is something you should be very, very proud of." (0161)

"Keep on writing this BRILLIANT STUFF!" (170)

"Thank you for your stimulating, thought-provoking and commercially viable materials. Your wealth-creation ma-terials are the tops." (171)

"Your materials have been important to me in reshaping my concepts of money and how to get it." (179)

"Thank you for helping me to see the light. In a world full of idiocy and mediocrity, your work is one of the few things I have encountered with any real value." (181)

"I feel like a new person. Not only in my business life, but also in my personal life." (194)

"I don’t know who it was that proposed me for member-ship, but I will be forever grateful to them." (204)

"Thank you for your time. It just goes to prove that you are a man of your word." (205)

"Your releases…were superbly written and tightly argued. This is the best money I have ever spent." (218)

"Perhaps one day I shall find words to adequately thank you for our association." (227)

"Well, I’ve just finished reading your materials, and to say I am fired-up would be an understatement!" (232)

"I am seriously grateful for the changes you have made in my life." (243)

"I must write to give you my deep gratitude." (264)

"To say ‘thank you’ seems a very poor return for what I got. But that’s it. Thank you very much indeed. It’s unbe-lievable." (312)

"Your latest (release)

was fabulous. It really inspired me!" (326)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the materials and I am now much stronger, self-contained person because of the mar-vellous information contained therein. May I say a BIG BIG THANK YOU for all the invaluable advice you have given." (336)

"You’ve charged my mind to the point of explosion." (343)

"You are a very brilliant man. I am looking forward to the next release." (354)

"I keep going back to the teaching materials for every an-swer I need in life and the answer is always there!"

"This course is like an Aladdin’s cave of treasures." (359)

"Thank you very much for (our meeting)

last Friday. My aim was to meet the person who had altered my life for the better. You have my sincere thanks for doing just that. Thank you for waking me up." (362)

"After years of procrastination and looking for something, I’ve written a book and had it accepted by the publishers. Were it not for you coming into my life when you did, I do not believe I would ever have done so." (367)

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the profound and needed changes you have brought to my life." (370)

"You’ve helped me, probably more than you’ll ever know." (376)

"I have spent the time getting myself out of debt. I HAVE DONE IT! And sooner than I expected and it’s GREAT! My savings are also growing. Many thanks for your help and guidance." (378)

"No words can express my gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge to help another like-minded individual." (382)

"It gave me the knowledge, self-confidence and determi-nation to get out of what was, without doubt, the worst pe-riod of my life." (410)

"It is a real gem and a beacon. Now I have found power and control in my own life and self-confidence. Thank you ever so much." (413)

"I praise your work and I have nothing but admiration, for you are truly one hell of a guy. Keep up the good work!" (418)

"I have learned a lot from your releases and greatly changed my attitude to many things – particularly all matters financial." (419)

"Thanks for the second part. They were two mega-blocks of solid gold dropping through the letterbox. Fantastic is the only way I can describe the contents of those two en-velopes." (422)

"Thank you for being so honest. Indeed this is one thing that has impressed me immensely in your initial sales let-ter and subsequent materials." (450)

"This is a letter to say THANK YOU for your excellent course. From the very outset I was delighted and excited by the material that struck chord upon chord." (456)

"Your writings have made a tremendous impact on how I live my life today. I will be forever grateful to you." (459)

"You have been a great source of both inspiration and ad-vice over the past five years. I can finally put my master plan into practice. Thank you once again." (471)

"The last issue simply forced me to write to you. I just want to let you know what a sensational job you are doing. Once again, I do want to thank you. It’s wonderful, won-derful reading and really good stuff." (476)

"All the claims you made are completely true (something of a rarity these days)

and I have enjoyed increasing my knowledge and taking control of my life. Thank you. " (478)

"I am not normally someone who writes to people to thank them for whatever it is I have purchased from them but… bloody hell!!!! And thank you! Excuse the outburst but that was the reaction." (482)

"I had been hoping to finish the course before writing to you but I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. The changes that have been taking place in my life since ap-plying your teachings have been truly astonishing." (484)

"This was not a good year for me. The travel company I had started had gone into liquidation. I had every person imaginable knocking on my door for money. I had no job and no income. I January I received a circular from you inviting me to become a member. I had received stuff like this in the past and ignored it, but there was something about this which appealed. In doing so, I changed my life forever. The material I received was quite superb. Now I have my own thriving publications service, I’ve given up teaching and I’ve never been happier in my life. Thanks Stuart. It’s all down to you." (486)

"I have written this testimonial for all the good things which your materials have done – amazing things in my life. Your (writings)

will go down in the annals of history as the greatest piece of common sense approach to life ever. I am living your teachings and feel truly unique." (487)

"The course is brilliant! I can honestly say that it was the catalyst for change for the better. Thanks again." (488)

"I should like to express my profound gratitude to you for your hard work to bring me to this level. The teaching helped me solve difficult problems. The climax of level ten shook me with strong emotion that I almost burst into tears – not of sadness, but of great joy." (498)

"I felt the need to express my gratitude for introducing me to your teachings. Ever since I started studying your mate-rials my life has started to change. Although I am at an early stage, I am receiving great rewards. No way could I have imagined a few months ago that I would be thinking so big." (499)

"Thank you for your teachings these last two years. With-out them, I don’t know where I would be today. I am so grateful for the day I sent off the application form. There is nobody else who can provide such useful, realistic in-formation that is worth every penny and is so enjoyable to read." (521)

"I have modelled my life plan to be independent, success-ful etc. You have unknowingly been my inspiration, if not fully fledged mentor." (523)

"I have NEVER before read material with which I TOTALLY agree. Every sentence, every phrase! I already feel free and self-empowered. WOW! You have really changed things for me." (526)

"The course material is so refreshing to read, totally life-changing. I am totally excited by it all and feel like I have won a million pounds." (529)

"Remember I saw you on Monday about the bank scam? Thanks to you I got my £15,000 back. Thanks again. " (537)

"The amount of money I’ve saved myself has easily ex-ceeded the overall price of the course." (542)

"Power-wise, incredible. The real surge occurred after Level 7. It was as if I had suddenly engaged in overdrive. I found it frightening at first. Wealth-wise, income now ex-ceeds outgoings!" (548)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the profound impact your materials have had on my life. Now, I positively look forward to each day and know I am in control of my life. Before, I was full of despair and was sick of life at a rela-tively young age." (553)

"Firstly, may I thank you deeply for changing my life. Only ten months ago I was nothing, just working for the establishment and getting nowhere. But now I am so much better off. My home life and my social life are Hundreds of times better. Thank you deeply." (555)

"I cannot begin to tell you how your ideas have helped me to make huge positive changes in my life." (579)

"Thank you for all your help and inspiration. I can never say this enough, Stuart." (583)

"Stuart, I had my 70th birthday in March and I have to tell you that you have made me a very happy pensioner! Very enthralled with what I’ve read." (621)

"You’ve already transformed my life." (629)

"I was a subscriber to your course and I’ll take the oppor-tunity to say now that each and every one was brilliant. So thanks for that." (635)

"The initial benefit was that your materials provided me with the motivation to get out of debt. I believe this would not have happened had it not been for the inspiration and determination that (the course)

has given me." (644)

"Your (materials)

have got me so excited that I have had very little sleep over the past few nights. My mind has been buzzing. Thank you very much!" (649)

"I am highly indebted to you for changing my life." (655)

"I owe it all to you and your teachings. I have to thank you for entering my life at the time you did. I know this letter does not go any where near repaying you for what you have given me." (660)

"The entire course has been completely engrossing as well as very, very pleasurable." (670)

"Thank you for your kind advice on my debt problems. During the session, you slashed my debt by 40% – abso-lutely incredible!!!! This has made me feel much more optimistic about the future." (673)

"I can honestly say I have never read anything like it. The entire course has taken me on an incredible journey from the depths of darkness. I am disappointed that the course has come to an end. I subscribed when my life was a mess. Now I feel confident in myself and the future." (677)

"Although I have not completely finished, you have made me a different person. A NEW MAN. Thank you Mr Goldsmith." (678)

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am your friend for life." (685)

"I have only one word to say and it begins with F! FANTASTIC." (686)

"I have been meaning for some time to write to you. I wanted to thank you properly for the help you gave me. Blimey, was it really 3 years ago when I was very ill and you shared your experiences with me and gave me some extremely good advice? Looking back now, your care and support were a crucial life-line to me. No-one else under-stood or explained as clearly as you what was happening and how to deal with it." (700)

"I congratulate you on a first class product." (268)

"I have found your writings and teachings to be of im-mense value." (269)

"Thank you for the regular monthly ‘fix’ of words, wit and truly inspiring information." (270)

"I have been in debt for many years and could not seem to get out of it. Now, since reading your releases, I have for-mulated a plan and stuck to it. I know I shall be com-pletely out of debt for the first time in years." (271)

"Thank you for your excellent materials. I must admit I was sceptical at first, but as soon as I received level one, I knew this information was exciting and informative." (275)

"(Your information is…)

informative, educational, com-pelling, fun and addictive." (276)

"Honestly, I find you very different. You really are some-thing. I like your style." (291)

"You were absolutely right! I can testify that, exercising the principles disclosed in your study materials, I have started to make radical positive changes to my thinking, and consequently my life." (292)

"Yes! Yes! yes! I agree with all you write." (295)

"Thank you for supplying me with the course. The arrival of each instalment came to be one of the highlights of the month. As for the wealth creation materials – these were quite extraordinary! I am delighted that you have been so ready to share your experience and imaginative ideas." (001)

"The teaching materials have always opened my mind at the start of each month, and enabled me to focus on what I want out of life – it has further removed the scales from my eyes…. the investment has already yielded an excep-tional return in several areas of my life." (004)

"After reading your monthly releases, you have fired me with enthusiasm." (006)

"May I say how impressed I am with the course?" (007)

"I have received the two manuals and find the material thoroughly practical and eye-opening! I refer to each manual daily. Thanks again for your guidance." (008)

"Thanks for the course. It was great. I feel more enlight-ened now, and agree with almost everything that you said." (009)

"Just a short note to say thanks for the material. I agree with nearly every word you write! Every word you say is true… yet very few people dare to tell it like it is." (0012)

"I enjoyed your course and found each level very interest-ing and informative. Your frank and honest approach…has certainly been an eye opener. Once again, thank you." (0015)

"Your past two month’s materials…have been more than just interesting reading. The message is well driven home. I fully concur with your words of wisdom. Looking for-ward to receiving more of your materials." (0018)

"I am enjoying your views and heartily support your thoughts and beliefs and am looking forward to receiving the remainder of the course." (0020)

"I find your material most useful, and it will provide me with techniques on how to win in any situation. I would like to thank you for accepting me, and the knowledge it entails." (0022)

"Received level 5 manuals safely – and what terrific stuff to learn and study!" (0025)

"I enjoy your writing immensely – your wit, observations and use of language….I would also like to thank you for the quite excellent course…" (0027)

"First of all, many thanks for your recent correspondence. To say the least, I am intrigued and riveted." (0031)

"It has now been a week since we met, and still some of the insights you gave me about… wealth and power are firmly fixed in my present thinking. I appreciate the extra time you made available." (0037)

"Thank you for accepting me. I now feel that I am getting somewhere at last." (0044)

"I want you to know that I eagerly await each month’s re-lease. I thoroughly enjoy reading every word. You can be justly proud of this work." (0047)

"As a student of your course, I am finding it fascinating reading." (0049)

"Having graduated as an INITIATE, I thought it would be a good idea to put ribbon to paper and place on record my thanks to you for monthly teaching material received and inwardly digested." (0052)

"Verdict – spot on! I look forward to the next two, and would be delighted if you could get them to me at the ear-liest." (0054)

"The structure and content of the work suggests to me that I am being taught by a Master. I suspect one who has a degree of awareness of the nature of existence beyond that of a master as I understand the term." (0057)

"I would like to thank you for your advice and time. Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to Stuart for the excellent materials." (0059)

"I am enjoying the (course)

material (and)

the Wealth Creation material is excellent. With your help and experi-ence, I feel a great and abundant future coming up." (0060)

"I am following the method, and have studied the Proba-tioner material with great interest. I am looking forward with some excitement to the next set of materials." (0061)

"I have just received the Apprentice Grade – which I have devoured and appreciated! I only wish we had met years ago. Is it possible to bring forward the monthly packages to allow me to push ahead?" (0063)

"I find the instructions fascinating. It is so beautifully written and easy to comprehend." (0064)

"The materials are a reflection of my own feeling. A road map giving me directions to a new life." (0066)

"I must say how much I enjoyed the information you have given me. You have opened my eyes – I am certainly hooked!" (0071)

"The probationer grade was excellent. I have read it twice, and will do so many more times." (0074)

"I feel compelled to respond to your latest (levels)

. How refreshing it is to hear your clear voice. Loud and clear – and with humour. For that, thank you." (0075)

"I would like to say how much I have enjoyed the Wealth Creation (materials)

. It has been…an eye opener." (0079)

"How refreshing it was to receive the latest edition of your material. I would really like to meet you one day (if that’s possible)

to explain to you personally how you changed my life for the better." (0080)

"I have read and enjoyed level ten. I have enjoyed the ini-tiate stage and have already started to act on your advice therein. I need no further assurance of your integrity." (0082)

"Thank you for the materials you have been sending. They are worth every penny." (0083)

"It gives me great pleasure in writing to express my sin-cere gratitude in attaining the Initiate level of your most fascinating materials and splendid help. Thanks a million times." (0088)

"Thanks very much indeed for any help and information you can give. I am quite determined to get out of my cur-rent rut and change my career and house; indeed, change my whole life." (0089)

"You have reached that far shore which I have long been attempting to reach. It is refreshing to hear someone who has been there, done it, scraped the stuff off his shoes and is willing to share his life-lessons with those who have ears to hear. Thanks again for the spirit in which it was delivered." (0091)

"I have greatly enjoyed (the course)

and congratulate you on it. The teaching materials have really opened my eyes and changed my attitudes to a lot of things." (0093)

"You have started to divulge the method to me, and it makes me feel good – to say the least. Three cheers for you, and many thanks." (0102)

"After reading Level Seven, the ideas kept churning around in my head. I have had similar ideas in the past, but have not had the courage to do anything!" (0106)

"Thank you for all the information. I am indeed privileged to be part of it." (0112)

"I was impressed with the Probationer grade. It really got me thinking. An eye-opener." (0118)

"Thank you very, very much for accepting me. The mate-rial you have sent me is truly brilliant." (0117)

"I will be very glad to join so that the doors to wealth, power and freedom can be unlocked forever." (0121)

"I am certainly obtaining great and immediate benefit from my membership. The course is exactly the right ma-terial arriving for me at just the time that I am ready for it." (0128)

"Your guidance is of great assistance, and already I feel a great sense of Power and Freedom. What an adventure!" (0135)

"I must say that (materials)

have been worth every penny. Keep ’em coming." (0137)

"May I congratulate you on the quality of the releases, particularly the wealth creation?" (0139)

"I am impressed by the quality of your product to date." (0140)

"It’s just a pity that I didn’t get the chance to learn from it twenty years ago." (0142)

"You have given me insight into a whole new life – my head is buzzing with ideas and I am well on the way to a better lifestyle. I now know how easy it is to make and keep money." (0144)

"I regard you as a good friend. I have gained considerable confidence for the future." (0148)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wisdom and energy contained in your reports." (0149)

"May I thank you for your inspiring, effective and pro-vocative course. It is good to know that there is a group of us whose eyes and ears are opened to what is really going on in society." (0151)

"It does make a very refreshing change to read something so down to earth as against the usual CRAP one reads." (0163)

"I congratulate you on supplying something which has been of great value to me already." (164)

"I must tell you that each of the releases has been a reve-lation and I’ve been thrilled to read and re-read each les-son." (166)

"Many thanks for your recent material. I have now pro-gressed, notably in the elimination of all debt. (168)

"I think you should be complimented on the quality of your course." (177)

"You have a remarkable and entertaining way of writing." (178)

"I was delighted with the materials. I wish I could convey just how much." (180)

"Thank you for all you are doing to raise my level of con-sciousness from grazing!" (182)

"I am learning much from digesting your superb (materi-als)

." (183)

"Thank you for your magnificent materials received to date." (186)

"I’ve been reading your materials for a year now, and they have given me hope during the dark times." (189)

"I think you’re doing a MARVELLOUS job!" (190)

"The wealth creation material is the best mail-order in-formation I have ever read." (191)

"The information is terrific." (193)

"Thank you. Your ideas are brilliant and I have begun to implement some of them." (197)

"Thanks for the past two year’s worth of information – a real eye opener." (199)

"I like your style, and actually agree with most of your words of wisdom – surprisingly!" (200)

"Thanks. I am well on the way to clearing all of my credit card debts." (201)

"Just a note to say how much I am enjoying your Inner Circle course. Yes, you shocked me once or twice!" (203)

"I cannot WAIT to discover how the principles you have outlined can work in my life." (206)

"There is no doubt that your correspondence has started a sea-change." (208)

"It’s now just under a year since I received the mailer in-viting me to join. Since then, my outlook on life has been evolving and changing for the better." (209)

"I’m really writing to say thank you. The material I have received so far has been absolutely relevant to my situa-tion. It could have been written for me." (210)

"Reaction: It’s hard to think of superlatives to do it justice! All I can say is, roll on the next power grade." (213)

"Your letter arrived last Saturday and I had a lovely warm feeling all the weekend that I had a friend – and a very knowledgeable one. Good on ya, Sport!" (217)

"It was wonderful! It is only fair that I share with you my transformation over the last ten months." (220)

"Your wealth creation material has given me a kick in the backside." (224)

"Surprise, surprise! You are correct. This is like nothing I have received before." (229)

"I have been savouring and digesting your delectable feast!" (231)

"Your first batch of materials has gone down like a good single malt." (234)


releases are truly excellent!" (235)

"As usual, great stuff! Keep it coming, I’m lapping it up!" (239)

"Your material is strong, amazing and realistic." (240)

"I would like to thank you for the time you spent with me last week. The extra time you made, answering my ques-tions with patience and in depth was greatly appreciated." (244)

"Your style is refreshing and priceless. You have armed me for the future with indestructible weapons and unlim-ited munitions." (249)

"You have done a pretty good job kicking me up the back-side. I’m not a millionaire yet, but at least I’m on the road." (251)

"I look forward to your materials with the greatest excite-ment each month. I am convinced that these superb mate-rials will lead me to a pot of gold." (254)

"Release #10 has arrived and I feel that I have reached the end of a very fruitful voyage of discovery." (261)

"I am very impressed with your materials. They have changed my whole outlook." (303)

"The content of the manuals represent exceptional value for money." (304)

"Do you know Stuart, so much of what you say is so damned true it’s uncanny!" (306)

"Thank you for writing. You really have created a master-piece." (311)

"The content and thinking behind your philosophy is su-perb and has had nothing but positive results in my life." (313)

"The challenge and impact of (your philosophy)

have been deep, significant and exciting." (315)

"It seems as though every word was written personally for me – with your observations so accurate and correct." (317)

"Why didn’t I know about you 30 years ago? What a dif-ference that would have made to my life." (319)

"(Your releases)

were enlightening to say the least and some have had a profound effect on the way I live my life after reading them." (321)

"Stuart, I could go on and on but it would probably require an entire notepad! I find myself agreeing with virtually ever statement made." (324)

"I found your series extremely well presented and written and looked forward to reading it every month, from the heat of last Summer through to the snows of this winter." (328)

"Your release is invigorating reading: you show that commonly held notions of personal freedom are compla-cent and flimsy." (330)

"I am extremely impressed so far. I have read it twice and it’s superb." (331)

"I have come through some difficult financial times with a new strength and determination." (332)

"I am on target to become free and independent by the end of this year." (334)

"You have given me a lot of inspiration for how to succeed in the future." (335)

"Thank you for re-focussing my mind on the real world. The cloud over my life began to lift and I could see the real world again." (338)

"Anyone wondering if they should invest in the pro-gramme should hesitate no longer and get involved. They have nothing to lose but their chains." (342)

"Your materials gave the inspiration needed to get on with doing something towards becoming seriously wealthy." (344)

"It has been a complete pleasure and a superb eye-opener reading your brilliant material. I now move through life with real power and enthusiasm with the new knowledge I have obtained from you." (345)

"Keep up the good work. The world needs more people like you to tell it like it is and offer a little guidance to those who seriously want and need it." (346)

"I have enjoyed the course. It has transformed my life." (348)

"I have to say that I am delighted. Many thanks for your truly uplifting words of wisdom." (349)

"I must thank you for the constant change in my life. I am in charge of my life and fill it with the things that are good for me. I now have control and it feels marvellous." (350)

"You are original, talented and not afraid to say it like it is." (357)

"Good thinking, original and excellent value." (358)

"I wish to write and express my appreciation for the in-valuable knowledge and experience you pass on." (360)

"I believe that if I had binned your mailing I would still be suffering the whims of a ruthless employer. Anyway, what I’m saying is… ‘Thank You’ … I don’t know what else to say really." (363)

"I like the way you think and I’m eager for more. I’m happy to pay my way in order to learn all I can from you." (366A)

"There was absolutely NOTHING I disagreed with and I enjoyed the whole course." (366)

"I have to begin this letter by praising you for your work. It is a true masterpiece." (369)

"The lucidity of your writing and the clarity of your ideas are already having an effect on me." (371)

"The wealth creation materials are of immense importance to me." (372)

"As you rightly say, if you make these decisions quietly and calmly, it gives invisible strength to the person mak-ing the decision." (373)

"I am steadily reducing my debts built up over the years. Many thanks again for some priceless information." (375)

"If it wasn’t for (the course)

.. I probably wouldn’t be where I am today." (379)

"The literature is so true – the way you have written it is as though you were in the room." (383)

"I have found the course fascinating, thought-provoking and challenging – and yes, actually worth the money!" (386)

"Thanks for helping me focus my attitudes and modify my find set, which has helped me a great deal and has set me firmly on the path to personal fortune and fulfilment." (387)

"I think the material is incredible – realistic, and I agree with what you have written." (389)

"I would like to thank you for giving me a good, hard kick and waking me up to hard-hitting reality, not the childish reality I had before." (392)

"Thanks to you and my good sense in applying for the course, I have career prospects to look forward to." (393)

"Your philosophy makes a lot of sense and it is something I have already adopted – with results!" (394)

"I think it’s time I should thank you for allowing my eyes to open. And if you ever need the words of a satisfied customer (always thought these letters were fakes!)

– I would be happy to oblige." (395)

"Your course has totally changes my outlook on life." (398)

"I feel compelled to give you one almighty THANK YOU for everything you’ve taught me." (400)

"Your course is honest, down to earth and no punches pulled." (407)

"I think your writings are wonderful!" (409)

"I can truly say that the amount of knowledge that I have acquired in the last few weeks from (your materials)

is in-credible. Thank you very much." (412)

"Many, many thanks for all the information and all writ-ten in your superbly readable style." (415)

"I had high hopes when I sent off for the material, and I can tell you I was not disappointed. Thank you for the ‘kick start’ you have given me." (421)

"I’d like to thank you personally for helping me change my life. I’ve traded my old, boring, stuck-in-a-rut life for one of infinite possibilities." (426)

"What an eye-opener! You tell it like it really is. When-ever I feel a bit down, I just pick up and read all your ma-terial." (327)

"These materials are highly captivating." (428)

"Your lessons are unique. I have learnt so much from them. The wealth creation materials are priceless." (430)

"I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and guid-ance. It couldn’t have come at a better time." (433)

"Thank you so much for opening a door. When I find my-self in your area, I will be only too happy to meet up and say a BIG THANK YOU in person." (448)

"You have given me the real desire to start taking charge of my life and you have also given me back my self-confidence. I do hope I will be able to meet you one day and thank you in person." (457)

"Thank you for shining the light away from my eyes and onto the path." (458)

"Thank you for taking the time to reply to my letter. I note your advice and am impressed by it. I will be acting on it." (460)

"I just thought I’d let you know that your course is a breath of fresh air and I would fully recommend it to other people." (462)

"I always go back and read your publications. They really inspire me with confidence when I feel down." (463)

"To me it has been like a fabulous adventure and learning experience. I feel like a completely new person. It has been a pleasure to go through it from start to finish." (464)

"I do not think I have ever read at such speed before! I could not put it down. I found it exhilarating and compel-ling." (469)

"I have to say I’m impressed. Unlike most of the stuff I’ve looked into over the years of trying to make a start in business, your stuff is actually readable!" (473)

"You have opened my eyes to a new world. Many thanks." (474)

"I find the whole thing to date mind-boggling to say the least. I can’t wait for the next (materials)

to arrive." (477)

"I am very pleased with the product. In fact I eagerly await each month’s release and cannot wait to move on to the following month’s." (491)

"I have just received your materials and I am absolutely mind-boggled, enthused, fired-up, inspired and happy. I am writing to tell you how you have changed my life. You have an unbelievable awareness of human nature." (495)

"I have been bowled over by all the releases. They have changed my life. Thanks for all your materials. They have been superb." (497)

"Whilst I have read many books and listened to many ‘success’ tapes over the years, it has been your literature which really spurred me to action. Thank you!" (501)

"I am very pleased with the releases I have received so far. This stuff, I must say, is very good. I’m looking forward to next month’s issue – I’ve never before wished away my months so readily!" (502)

"Thanks again for everything. You have really changed my life. I am definitely experiencing more personal free-dom and power in my own life." (509)

"Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your fantastic work. Thank you for being as good as your promises." (511)

"It has come as a total and wonderful relief that there exist people like you around." (512)

"I am itching for the next month’s materials. I am trying to keep myself occupied. You have given me something very special – a gift." (516)

"So far I have only received probationer grade which I couldn’t put down until I had completed it. I can see my quality of life improving as I seize opportunities and pre-pare to make some dreams come true." (520)

"Your works have enlightened me considerably, and I am now in the process of becoming a free person." (525)

"They took me a solid six hours but I just couldn’t put them down until they were read." (530)

"I found myself laughing out loud at your downright get-to-the-pointedness! I love it! Thank you for showing me this opportunity." (531)

"It is reassuring to know that there really are some genu-ine people out there who do, not say." (535)

"This is exactly the support I’ve been needing for a few years now." (544)

"Thank you for your words of wisdom, patience and in-sight by email over the last 12 months. It is fantastic to have a source of wisdom on tap when I really need it." (546)

"It is excellent and I can hardly wait for the next mailing." (550)

"I’m enjoying and benefiting greatly from the materials. My quality of life has already improved tremendously. Thank you!" (554)

"Upon reading the first release, I knew I was in for some-thing special. (It has)

changed my life around." (557)

"I’ve just finished reading level 10 and wanted to write to you and thank you for all you have done. Everything you discussed made absolute sense. My life has certainly changed for the better." (562)

"By the way (your materials)

are by far the most eye-opening and realistic view of the world I have ever come across. I am a much happier and informed person as a re-sult." (565)

"I only wish I had found you earlier." (566)

"My real reason for writing to you is to express our thanks and tremendous gratitude for the wonderful practical in-struction you are providing us with." (572)

"Your positive response to my letter has helped a long way to restoring my confidence. " (576)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and acting upon the information contained in these releases over the last 10 months." (584)

"I have found the releases the most useful and practical training material I have ever read and already have started enjoying a new life." (585)

"I completed your wonderful course a couple of months ago and it was the best eye-opening course I have ever read. Thank you very much for your inspiration and knowledge." (586)

"Definitely it is the most honest information I have ever read. My sincere thanks." (587)

"Many thanks for your kind and helpful advice about my flat/house situation. I much appreciate your time and en-couragement." (591)

"Many thanks again for the excellent material you have provided, and of course, the inspiration." (593)

"I highly appreciate you assistance in being my ‘mentor’." (596)

"Just a few lines to thank you for the invaluable informa-tion and ideas during my recent visit to your home." (600)

"Thank you for the books I have been receiving. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it – the effect they’re having on me and my life already." (602)

"I just wanted to let you know that your writings every month stir me into some kind of positive action. It’s good to know you are out there." (603)

"I would just like to say what a wonderful course it is and I firmly believe my life is a lot richer due to the fact of being a member." (609)

"Ever since level one I’ve wanted to write to you and say a big thank-you." (613)

"I would like to thank you for a truly wonderful day. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only complaint was that it passed far too quickly. I could have talked with you until the small hours of the morning! Since coming to see you, things have been much better and I am feeling stronger and more positive about the future. Thank you for all your help and advice." (614)

"I would like to congratulate you on giving me informa-tion which will improve my life dramatically." (615)

"Having just finished it, I was compelled to write to you and thank you personally. I am definitely looking forward to the next lesson." (619)

"May I take this opportunity to thank you even though I have only received level two. I find it very enlightening and soul stirring, to say the least." (625)

"I just wanted to thank you for your help and advice over the past couple of years and to wish you well on your jour-ney." (627)

"Here’s a heartily felt thank for all your input over the last couple of years. I have gained significantly from your re-leases." (631)

"How lucky can one be? I was going to throw your letter away. I am absolutely convinced, that with your help, I will reach financial success." (632)

"As you will be aware I have been on your course for 9 months. In this time my life has literally turned around. I am, to say the least, glad to have started your course." (634)

"Thank you for all your inspiration and encouragement at this exciting time on my life." (642)

"I don’t know if you remember me, but you have written to me on a few occasions sharing your infinite wisdom! You have the power to steer me in the right direction, and this is what I would like to thank you for." (643)

"I know you get loads of messages like this one, well, here’s yet another. I am quite amazed now, when I step back, how I’ve changed over the past year. Reading your releases have helped me immeasurably to bring me out of myself." (647)

"I would like to say how thoroughly delighted I have been with the entire course." (651)

"You have helped so many people that you cannot know them all personally, but I feel I must let you know how grateful I am." (654)

"The material was superb, for which I am most grateful. " (658)

"I just wanted to say thanks. I (am)

impressed with both the presentation and the information." (661)

"Your inspiration and assistance are really appreciated." (662)

"Your writings and instructions are fantastic." (667)

"My only regret is that I was not made aware of your teachings some thirty years earlier." (580)

"It has been a truly enjoyable experience to see in black and white, clear and precise arguments that had previously been vague notions." (669)

"I have just received my first instalment and I have to say; fantastic. I have devoured the information already sent, in one day and eagerly await the next edition. I don’t think I can wait." (675)

"When (name supplied)

said that a on-to-one with you would change my life forever, I was like ‘whatever’. But now I know it has. How do you do it?" (679)

"I have emailed you to tell you that joining is the best thing I could have done. You have changed my life for the better like no other. If my life and views have changed so much within 2 months, can you imagine what will happen in the next 8?" (682)

"Thanks for your help regarding the (name)

illegal scam business. Thanks again for your continued advice and time." (687)

"Your book has helped me so much. I am now out of debt and on my way." (689)

"Your course was brilliant in helping me focus on what I really wanted in life and enabling me to overcome my lack of self-worth. Thank you for your genuine course and for the positive influence you have had on my life." (691)

"I am SO very glad that I got onto your mailing list and signed up for your monthly information. You are in the process of helping me to change my life." (696)

"The advice you have given me over the last few years has been invaluable. Once again, thank you so much for the help/advice. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, and for that I apologise. I appreciate it now." (697)

"Goodbye, but hopefully not farewell. Thank you, you have made a difference." (703)

"I just want you to know that I have enjoyed what you have written and it has inspired me to do things I may not have otherwise done. I will miss it." (704)

"I have joined several organisations/services over the past few years, but without doubt yours is THE service that strikes a home run for me." (712)

"Thank you for all your help over the years. I’ve always considered you my guru." (712)

"Your teachings are what I’ve been waiting for. You could not have come into my life at a better time." (715)

"I have yet to make my fortune, but feel I am well on the way. I am pleased to say that has a lot to do with the in-formation I have received from you." (716)

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