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Five Tips for Financial Freedom

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You owe it to yourself to be really clear about your current financial position. Don’t spend a week on it. Half an hour is all it takes. How much do you owe? Make sure you include everything! What are your assets? Write down their current value. If you had to sell everything you own and pay off all of your debts, would the balance be negative or positive? If so, by how much? If you’re serious about becoming wealthy and free, you MUST know the answer to these questions.




Do you owe money? If so take 10 minutes to write out a list of all of your debts. Many people bury their heads in the sand hoping this will make their debts go away. To be a winner you have to face up to your current position, so write those debts down. Put them in order of highest interest first and lowest interest last. The urgent task is to pay off those high interest loans because they are probably killing you. Make this a priority.




Many people chatter about wanting to be rich but do not have any financial goals. Have you written down your financial goals? If so do it now, today before the moment passes. It is amazingly powerful to write down how much you want to be worth and by when. Do not be either grandiose or timid in your goals. Aim for an achievable, large amount. Write it down don’t just think it!




Have you written out your personal goals? These are the things you want to do, have or be within the foreseeable future. Winners right goals. Losers never right goals. Go figure!




Start saving a regular amounts of money each month. The exact amount doesn’t matter. There is no amount which is too small to start with. You probably will not get rich by saving, particularly if interest rates are low. But that’s not the point. Saving sends a message to your subconscious mind you’re serious about your financial future. Losers spend all their money now on various goodies which they think they need. They then usually borrow money from other people to spend as well. They never save. When a nice little moneymaking idea comes their way they cannot take advantage of it. They are maxed out. Completely up to their ears in debt. Chance passes them by. Don’t be like this.

Triple Your Income With a Simple Business Idea

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I know a woman who is pulling in about £20k with a simple ironing round and is about to increase that to £60k by farming out the work to a few mates (who are DESPERATE for a few hours work at home whilst the kids are young.)

She won’t get rich, but maybe trying to ‘get rich’ has held you back from making a start?

That can happen.

Let’s have a quick look at an idea like an ironing round. It’s a good example of a ‘triple your income’ idea.

You can work hard or smart. You can keep the business tiny (just you and an ironing board) or grow it (you do the collection and delivery, a team of women do the ironing). Sorry, I’m not being sexist but you won’t have a hope in hell of recruiting any men to do the ironing, so it’s just a plain fact.

Here is something which you can start for zero capital and for which there is a thriving market. Think of a name (“Sarah’s Ironing” or whatever). Run up a basic leaflet on Word, print off a few and put them through the doors of the more up market houses near you. Give them a mobile number to call you.

I bet you will soon have your first customer.

What could be easier? And yet so few bother to do something like this.

Yes it’s ‘work’ but soon you could have a thriving little business where others do most of the hard physical labour and you just co-ordinate everything. Worth thinking about, surely?

And if not ironing, maybe something else?

Your Voice Could Be Valuable!

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Here’s a neat idea which you may be able to generate some spondulas from.


Recently I was with Peter Thomson – an all round great guy and a powerhouse

in the  production of audio CD programmes. He’s Nightingale Connant’s #1

audio programme creator and has helped tens of thousands of people to

be more, sell more and achieve more.


I was with Peter to record an interview with me for his Achiever’s Edge club.


Want to know how much Peter pays me? Nothing! And as far as I know,

he doesn’t pay the other contributors either. We’re happy to do it for free

as it gives us more exposure and publicity for no cost.


Okay, hold onto that for a moment.


I also have often recorded my own voice and produced a CD each month (e.g. for my Real Life course).


I use my PC to do all the recording and editing.


Cost? About 40p per CD!


I knew nothing about how to do this when I started, and I don’t (in

my opinion) have a great ‘voice over’ type of voice.


So… I got to thinking… is there anything YOU could produce on CD or MP3?


Is there some information that people would pay to hear? Anything from fly

fishing secrets to eBay selling tips. Is there SOMETHING you know a bit

about? If not, do you know someone who does, and who would be prepared to

record an audio which you could sell (maybe on a profit split with them?)

Don’t be afraid to produce the experts – even fairly famous people. They

are often flattered by such requests.


Please don’t think that your voice is no good, or you can’t master the

technology. Honestly, it’s SO easy these days. You need a microphone

(from Maplin etc.) and a PC with a sound card.


It took only me half a day to learn everything. And, by the way, for 45 quid (on eBay) you can buy an Epson Photo R220 colour printer which will print full colour onto CDs!


This printer really is stunningly good. I reckon I’ve done at least 5,000 CDs on mine.

You buy the CDs (printable white top) from PC World or on line, for  about 12p each! My point here is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting 1,000 CDs pressed. Just knock ’em out at home.


What do you reckon? Something to think about?

Change Your Life in One Hour!

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When you think of ‘getting wealthy’ or ‘starting a business’ it can seem overwhelming, don’t you think? Where on earth do you start?

The answer is: “With the first step!”

So here’s a great strategy I’ve used many times to break through the overwhelm. It’s called The Power Hour.

You make an agreement with yourself to spend ONE HOUR (not a minute more, not a minute less) making a start on your project.

If you’re writing a book, you write chapter one for an hour—and then stop.

If you’re thinking of starting an Internet marketing business, you spend an hour looking at web sites similar to the one you envisage and make some notes. Then you stop.

If you’ve been banging-on for a decade about getting wealthy ‘one day’ then you spend an hour writing and thinking about exactly how wealthy, exactly what you want (house, car, etc.) and noting down a handful of ways in which you might get it.

There is something almost magical about making a start like this.

It ‘earths’ the project and makes it more real – more believable. Not just so much hot air.


The Power of the Four ‘L’s

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I believe it is possible to craft your own perfect life – you don’t have to tread the hamster wheel forever. You only have this life – and it’s going fast, so why not bring some powerful changes into your life?

But how?

It all seems so complicated and confusing. There are ten thousand different things we could choose. Whereas our ancestors were paralysed by their limited circumstances, we are paralysed by too much choice.

Here’s a tip. Start by dividing your life into four areas by making these statements:

“I want to live.”

“I want to love.”

“I want to learn.”

“I want to leave a legacy.”

They pretty much cover everything we are about as humans and they are powerful headings.

‘To live’ covers our material needs – food, shelter, clothes and the things we need to survive these days – cars, mobile phones etc. It is to do with money; the subject of this newsletter.

What do you want to do to improve your finances?

But money isn’t everything (gosh, that’s original!).

‘To Love’ concerns our human relationships, without which we (literally) could not survive. Often we push these relationships to 2nd or 3rd place which is a huge mistake.

What do you want to do to improve your relationships?

‘To learn’ means what it says. If you are not growing in knowledge and wisdom, you are dying. You can’t have too much of either.

What are you going to learn?

Why not make plans today to make that happen, instead of it being just a vague, arm-waving ‘one day’ wish?

‘To leave a legacy’ is to ask yourself the all-important question: “What am I about? What do I wish to be remembered for?”

This essentially human quality is our search for meaning. Victor Frankl discovered that the difference between life and death in the Nazi camps was whether or not a prisoner could make some meaning out of his or her suffering. No other species has this take on life. So, you’ve lived a few years already, what does your life add up to? If not much more than a ‘hill of beans’ then what steps are you going to take, now, today, to change that?

Big questions – needing big answers.

Do You Have the Mind of an Entrepreneur?

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Since I’ve made a few bob in my time, the most common question I get asked is something like: “How do I make money? I can’t see a way.”

I find this question startling because I reckon I see a minimum of ten hot money-making opportunities EACH DAY just as I’m going about my normal business.

Are people blind? Can they really not see what I see?

It seems that way. I think it’s because entrepreneurs are always on the look-out for a way to make money. Others have ‘money blinkers’ – they wouldn’t see a gold mine if they fell down one.

My problem is I have no time to exploit all these opportunities – there are simply too many of them. Example: I was in a London store called Lillywhites (I believe) with some friends visiting me from Thailand who like that sort of thing. It’s a discount clothes shop. Jeans for £2 a pair and that sort of thing. Ugh. On the 3rd floor, tucked away behind crammed racks of cheap T-shirts was an enormous display of… gold clubs!!! Drivers, to be precise. All good names and all marked down to… wait for it… £3 each.

Yes, you read that right. Go and check for yourself, they’ll still be there as they seemed to have an unlimited supply. They were not faulty and seemed brand, spanking new.

Now there’s a money making opportunity and I spotted it in a heartbeat. Could my Thai friend flog these in Bangkok? You betcha! At about £50 each – minimum. Air freight worked out at £6 a club if we sent 50. So that’s what we’re going to do. He’s stony broke so I’ll let him keep all the money. 50 x £41 (profit) is just over two grand. Okay, not a King’s ransom and he’s got a bit of work to do to shift them, but £2k is what most people earn in a MONTH – and there it was, just lying in a shop to be taken.

That’s the sort of thing I mean – it really is everywhere once you throw away your money blinkers and get looking. I presume hundreds if not thousands of people (all broke, otherwise they wouldn’t shop there) had walked right past this. So please try to develop this money-making radar scan. It’s the habit of seeing a profit in everything you are involved with.

Really, there’s SO much opportunity out there it’s almost embarrassing.

You’re in the Problem Solving Business

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I am often asked to single out just one thing which makes the difference between earning megabucks and just pulling down a living wage.

It’s always hard to do this of course, because there are so many factors. Here are just a few:

1.         Passion.

2.         Energy and enthusiasm.

3.         Hard work and discipline.

4.         Focus and staying power.

5.         Ability to take defeat and come up punching for a second, third or even fiftieth round with life.

6.         Sense of humour.

7.         Good ‘people’ skills.

8.         Being big-picture focused but also mindful of the smaller details.

9.         Willingness to learn all the time.

10.       A positive mental attitude.

These are the top ten – apart from the one I am going to now mention which is creativity.

The more experienced I get and the more times I’ve been around the block, the more I notice this one factor.

It’s what makes all the difference between huge pots of money and just a mediocre salary.

Look, the real bottom line truth is that people pay you in life for your ability to solve their problems.

True? I think so.

The bigger and more complex the problem, the more dosh people will fork-over to get it solved.

Really BIG problems can only be solved by highly creative solutions. If you can come up with a creative solution, you will be able to charge a lot of money.

Mundane problems are easy to solve. Anyone with half a brain can provide a solution and so the fee is quite small. Your dustmen get paid for solving your garbage problem. That’s not rocket-science, right? You just turn up with a vehicle, load the garbage, cart it away and dump it in a hole in the ground. If you can walk, talk and lift a bin, you can ‘solve’ that problem.

That means most people in the country could solve the garbage problem if they had a mind to, so guess what? Garbage men don’t get paid much. But still they get paid, because they are providing a solution to a problem.

But the more creative the solution is required, the fewer people there are who are able to solve that particular problem, and so the more money they can charge.

That makes sense, right?

So start thinking of yourself in the ‘problem solving business’ – you ARE, by the way, whatever you do.

The Simple Ideas Are Sometimes the Best

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Let me iron-out your money worries…

I have many friends who are totally broke.

Yes not all the friends of millionaires are millionaires themselves!

Take Pauline and Geoff. They are always totally skint. And recently they’ve been threatened with repossession of their house. That’s no fun with two teenage lads.

Over the years I’ve passed quite a few genuine and hot business opportunities to Pauline Geoff and even offered to hold their hands and mentor them whilst they get something up and running – but nothing has ever come of it. He’s too busy doing what he’s always done (driving a delivery van for £5 an hour) in a desperate attempt to make ends meet. He was nearly killed before Christmas as he wrote-of the van driving too fast and whilst really tired.

Pauline called me in desperation a couple of months ago. What could she do to make extra cash? They were about to lose their home and things were serious. The first thing that popped into my mind was an ironing round. I have no idea why!

She seized upon that – she’s one of those strange people who actually enjoy ironing! Within two weeks she had quite a few clients and she was making £11 an hour. Not a fortune, but hey, it pulled them back from the precipice and it was more than double what Geoff was making.

Now she’s started to farm-out the ironing to friends who are DESPERATE for the work at £5 an hour (call it exploitation but they are delighted). She’s still ironing, but also concentrating on pick-ups, new customers and deliveries. She reckons she’ll pull down nearly £50k in the next 12 months from this. That’s pretty good going, don’t you reckon?

There are just SO many opportunities out there if someone can be bothered (or is desperate enough) to get of their backside and do something. Maybe ‘wanting to be a millionaire’ has held you back and blinded you to the simpler ideas out there such as this ironing round?

Is there something like this YOU could do? Maybe build it up through the sweat of your brow, and then gradually get others to do the hard work whilst you become the boss? If it brought you £50k – £100k a year, wouldn’t that be better than what you’re doing now?

It’s worth thinking about, surely.

Save Money and the Planet!

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Do you want to help the environment and save money?

This is a bit mundane for my usual writing style but recently I did something I’ve wanted to do for about five years – check the standby power on all my appliances.

Yes, yes, I know, I need to get a life, but I keep hearing these reports: “If everyone turned OFF their appliances instead of putting them in standby we’d save the Bengal tiger from extinction… or something.”

Being a technical type, I wanted to check this out.

Turns out I have a shed-load of stuff on standby. My PC, my monitor, my 8-unit Hi-Fi and TV, two other computers, router, modem, printer – it goes on and on.

What’s stopped me up until now was the lack of an easy way of measuring power.

Enter my local electronics store (Maplin) stage left. They sell a neat plug-in power meter for £15, so I grabbed one.

Okay, here’s the scoop…

My Hi-Fi and TV set-up takes a whopping 50W on standby! My PC takes another 15W when you add the router and speakers.

Without trying I found 100W of stuff on standby (which I’m now going to switch OFF instead).

Okay, 100W is just one old-fashioned light bulb, but… run it 24/7 and you clock up a massive one MILLION watt hours a year (approximately). That’s 1,000 KWhrs (‘units’ of electricity) and at 20p a unit, that’s £200 a year.

Okay not a fortune, but it’s still quite a lot.

If someone handed you £200 in cash each Christmas day, you’d be pleased.

Multiply this by 20 million households and you’ve got 2,000 megawatts of power (two Gigawatts!) to supply – just for people’s standby current!


So, bottom line is, they’re right. Turn OFF all that stuff you leave in standby, help save the planet and save yourself £200 a year.

I’m off to hug a tree.

Don’t Act From Negative Energy

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Here’s a great life tip.

Ruthlessly expunge from your life all of that ‘duty’ and ‘obligation’ and ‘habit’ stuff we clutter our days with, and make room for what you need to do to cut yourself a better deal.

People believe they ‘have’ to do certain things they don’t want to. They have a lot of energy tied up in proving they are a ‘good boy’ or a ‘good girl’ by doing things they then resent! After all, don’t good boys and girls sacrifice their needs and desires for other people? So they fill their lives with dreary ‘duty calls’ and suffer in silence, perhaps taking on some small amount of pleasure in knowing they have ‘done their duty’.

Look, I’m going to say this once but I want you to read it twenty times and engrave it on your heart; tattoo it on your hand; write it in indelible pen on your bathroom mirror—anything, until this becomes total second nature to you.


Here it is (and it’s life changing). Never, ever, ever (and a few more ‘evers’) do anything for another adult out of a sense of duty or obligation or to make them like you more or because you fear their response if you don’t act to please them.

To quote Marshall Rosenberg: “Never do anything for another person unless you can do it with the same energy as a young child feeding a hungry duck.” In other words with a sense of total delight and joy.

Wow! I told you that this was life-changing—and it is. But here’s the kicker. Want to know why you should never do something for someone out of negative energy? Answer: the price you will force them to pay is just too high! Oh yes, you will make them pay… and pay… when you ‘sacrifice’ yourself (unasked) out of a sense of duty or obligation. You will almost certainly punish them with moods, silences, sulks or angry outbursts. At the very least you will chalk-up a debt which they won’t even know about. They’ll ‘owe you’ and one fine day you’ll come to collect…

The price is way too high, so don’t do it.

Want more time to build your dream? Start learning to say ‘No’. Start learning to get out of ‘people pleasing’ mode. Start learning to be selfish.

I promise you people would rather hang out with a ‘selfish’ person than one who people-pleases and then makes them pay the price.

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