How to Make 50% a Month

How to Make 50% a Month

I have a pal (let’s call him John) who invested a great chunk of his redundancy money into a single, large company listed on the stockmarket.

He did it on a tip from a broker friend, who also claimed to have invested in the same company. I won’t mention the name, but the stock plummeted in value and he eventually sold for 3p in the pound.


I have another friend (let’s call him Samuel) who thinks that John is an idiot to invest in something so risky. Samuel only invests in absolute blue-chip stocks and hence makes around 5% a year on his money.

Better than losing it all, right?

Or is it?

Is Samuel really so smart? Suppose you could get 10% on your money? Or even 50%? Or how about 50% PER MONTH? That makes 5% a year look pretty sick, right?

But which investment returns this kind of high level?

Answer: ‘YOU LIMITED’.

If you run your own business, even the lamest, saddest business in the world, you should make way, way above 5% a year! Imagine if you invested £3,000 into a business and you made just £300 absolute profit (excluding your wages and all your costs) each year. Why that’s a 10% return! And I think you’d agree that £300 is a pretty desultory profit.

If I invest £3,000 in a project I’d expect to return at least £1500 profit in a few weeks – so that’s 50% PER MONTH!! And these returns are about what you’d expect from a well-run small business.

We’re not talking silly figures here.

One guy buys two or three used cars for £5,000 and sells them over a four week period for £8,000 – that doesn’t sound crazy, does it? One woman invests £1,000 in art materials and turns them into greetings cards which she sells for £1,700 over the course of a month. £200 covers her time, the £500 is profit at 50% per month!

Let’s check those figures against Samuel’s nice, safe 5% a year (which he seems happy with.) At those pathetic interest rates, the car dealer would buy at £5,000 and sell the same cars for £5020 a month later, pocketing a massive £20 in profit. Wow! Thrills! The artistic lady would invest £1,000 in materials then sell the greeting cards for, wait for it… £1,004. Just £4 profit! And Samuel is excited by these rates of return – or at least seems happy!

So start thinking about making this investment in YOU LIMITED and enjoying some fantastic 50% per month returns.

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