How to Get £54,000 in Extra Funds

How to Get £54,000 in Extra Funds

Do you have a £5 a day habit?

Okay, but you can’t have this and complain about being broke!

For example, many people are chronic ‘snackers’. Every time they buy petrol, they have to buy sweets, a doughnut, a can of Coke, an energy drink or whatever.

Of course, if you smoke, this is an immediate £5+ habit. Ditto drinking.

Lots of people I know have a £5 a day habit.

That doesn’t seem very much but it’s £35 a week.

Amazingly that adds up to £1,820 a year!

That’s £54,000 spent over 30 years, £72,800 spent over 40 years!!  Yes you read that correctly.

It’s WAY more than that if you invest the money instead of spending it.

Any ‘five pound a day’ habit (e.g. a coffee and a cake) will cost you £54,000 over 30 years and £72,800 over 40 years.

Worth thinking about!

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