What Business Could YOU Run?

What Business Could YOU Run?

Here’s a challenge for you: spend an hour (just an hour – that’s all I’m asking) brain-storming ideas for that greatest of companies YOU Limited.

Can you come up with ten ideas? Just write them down.

Use ‘Yellow Pages’ to trigger your creative juices – there are hundreds of businesses in there. What business could you start from home, which doesn’t require a lot of investment?

I know from the many consultations I’ve done over the years that people act like a startled rabbit in the headlights when faced with this question. They shrug helplessly – it’s almost as if they think they are incompetent and know nothing.

But it isn’t something to panic over!

There are literally hundreds of opportunities for the would-be owner of You Limited.

Often all it takes is one single (often unoriginal) idea and you’re on the way to success!

For example, when was the last time you washed your car? Did you enjoy it? People are often reluctant to do it and see it as one of those messy jobs. But how much does soap and a bucket of water cost?

Imagine if you decided to go around your neighbourhood washing cars for a day? I’d expect at least 5 people would take you up on your offer and in a single day you might expect to make around £100 (a good friend of mine makes £250 a day doing this but he has a proper valeting business and can charge £40 per car).

Now I’m not suggesting you have to wash cars for a living, but I do know people who are DESPERATE for an extra £100 a week and simply would not lower themselves to doing this for a day.

That’s too bad. I promise you I would, if I had to.

I’m giving you a sense of the ease with which you can start your own business with virtually no investment and start making money today!

Good with tools? Everyone needs a handyman.

Tried to get a window cleaner recently? Or a gardener? Forget it! There’s a long queue.

Don’t get caught up worrying about the “what ifs” or the “buts” like most people. All I want you to do is brainstorm at this point, not come up with objections. Anyone can say why something WON’T work.

And the best part of running your own show? No more giving a massive cut of YOUR earnings to some boss sitting in his/her office.

When you run your own show, 100% of the profit goes to YOU; the business owner.

So get cracking and come up with something you can start part time.

You’ve been thinking it about it for years.

When are you going to do it, if not now?

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