Could You Make a CD and Clean Up Big Time?

I’m often asked for simple, low cost money-making ideas. Here’s one which I’ve used time and again.

It is just the most amazing secret for creating CD audio products really simply and quickly. These products are cheap to produce (maybe 50p per CD?) and can sell for a hundred times that price! I like those mark-ups.

It’s called a multi-author product.

You gather a few ‘experts’ together and have a simple round table discussion with a microphone in the middle (or one each). Obviously you have a list of topics and questions which you use to stimulate the discussion, but with 3 or more people you will get all the content you need. It will just be ordinary people talking in their ordinary voices. Quick and simple. People love to buy this stuff.

“In This Outstanding Programme You Will Hear How Four Novice Parrot Owners Persuaded Their Parrots to Talk – Often With hilarious Consequences!”

Opening music…

“So, Joan. Why don’t you kick us off with that really funny story about Joey the African Grey?”

“Sure Mike., Well what happened was this…”

(I hope you’re not laughing. I know of a guy who sold ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of a simple info product on teaching your parrot to talk!)


“Learn The Inside Secrets of The Mail Order Industry Direct From Those Who Have Made Millions! This Audio Programme…”

Opening music…

“So, Stuart, can you kick us off with your top five secrets of the mail order industry?”

“Sure Dave, here’s my first secret…”

That’s something you can do whether you’re in the mail-order business or have any kind of product. Get someone in your field to sit down and talk. You don’t even have to have them come out and spend a weekend with you. You can do it over the telephone or skype, just interview them and record it. Ask them all kinds of questions that you can think of. The most important thing to remember is to ask questions that you know your customers are interested in finding the answers to. You can create a one hour CD, a two hour program, three, four, eight, it doesn’t matter how much. The important thing is to keep it interesting.

You can even interview a dozen experts in your field and have a big, giant home study package that maybe can sell for £495 or even higher if you provide lots of information in a field that is something your customers would be interested in. You can do CDs of other people and it’s just a really quick way to create a shortcut product that doesn’t take a lot of time. Most times they won’t even want paying. People are vain and like to get exposure. Also you can sweeten the deal by allowing them to mention their website or whatever.

Really your energy is just going into making sure you ask good questions and you can really create a hot selling product that you can make thousands of pounds from.

I hope you like that idea. Don’t get bogged down in technical stuff (“How do I edit it? How do I get a CD made?”) There are hundreds of people who will do all that stuff for you very low cost. Keep ‘big picture’ focused.

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