Change Your Life in One Hour!

Change Your Life in One Hour!

When you think of ‘getting wealthy’ or ‘starting a business’ it can seem overwhelming, don’t you think?

Where on earth do you start?

The answer is: “With the first step!”

And I’m not being cute.

Wealthy and successful people know a big secret.

They know that large, worthwhile projects cannot be tackled in one hit – they have to be ‘chunked down’ into bite-sized pieces.

Yet so often we waste weeks, months and years drifting through life. Telling ourselves we’ll write that book – “one day”. We’ll start that business – “one day”. We’ll take getting wealthy seriously – “one day.”

I believe it’s not only because we are lazy that we don’t do these things. I think it’s overwhelm. The task just seems too big.

Okay, here’s a great strategy I’ve used many times to break through the overwhelm. It’s called The Power Hour.

You make an agreement with yourself to spend ONE HOUR (not a minute more, not a minute less) making a start on your project.

If you’re writing a book, you write chapter one for an hour – and then stop. If you’re thinking of starting an Internet marketing business, you spend an hour looking at web sites similar to the one you envisage and make some notes. Then you stop. If you’ve been banging-on for a decade about getting wealthy ‘one day’ then you spend an hour writing and thinking about exactly how wealthy, exactly what you want (house, car, etc.) and noting down a handful of ways in which you might get it. There is something almost magical about making a start like this. It ‘earths’ the project and makes it more real – more believable. Not just so much hot air.

So… go on… schedule a Power Hour for yourself today and see the astonishing results!

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