Check Your Beliefs

Check Your Beliefs

Here’s an important question you need to ask yourself:

“To what extent am I relying on mystical thinking to become wealthy and free?”

By ‘mystical thinking’ I mean popular but erroneous beliefs such as the idea that you can ‘attract’ money to you merely by thinking.

Or that somehow you can ‘channel’ wealth by sending out the correct ‘vibrations’.

You know the sort of thing.

Millions of pounds have been made by people selling programs promulgating these myths.

I won’t mention any names!

Wealthy people laugh at these ideas.

They see them for exactly what they are—a panacea for the gullible.

They know that to become wealthy you need to have a plan and work hard to make that plan a reality.

They certainly do not have time to waste sending out ‘wealth attracting vibrations’ into the universe!

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