Your Childhood Dreams Are the Key to Your Wealth and Happiness

Your Childhood Dreams Are the Key To Your Wealth and Happiness

The most frequent moan I hear is this: “I haven’t a clue what I want to do. If I did, I’d do it.”

That’s why I recommend Barbara Sher’s amazing book: “I Could Do Anything If Only I knew What It Was.” (Get it used from Amazon as it is out of print).

But what else can you do to get in touch with your passion?

Answer – think back to your childhood and remember what you absolutely LOVED doing back then. The trick is – don’t worry at this stage if/how you could turn that into an exciting money-making venture. The point is to get back in touch with something special from your past. To re-kindle the fire of your passion.

What did you love to do? It might have been insect hunting; scribbling with crayons; making stuff out of Meccano or Lego; dancing; bird-watching – anything. It doesn’t have to be high-powered.

And avoid the temptation to think; “Oh, I couldn’t make money out of THAT!” Now’s not the time for negative thoughts. But in any case, you’d be amazed what you can make money out of! 

This stuff works. I’ve been sharing it with friends for decades. I shared this with a pal of mine over ten years ago. The only thing he could come up with from his childhood which he used to love, was riding on the old red buses. He got all breathless about the spiral stairs, the little windy handle thing which they used to change the numbers – even the detail of the fabric on the seats. I was getting nervous that he might edge into talk about sensual leather straps and stern looking conductresses! Rather lamely, I suggested he might get involved with a bus renovation society (I had no clue if such a thing existed near him – it didn’t). You should have seen the light in his eyes! Within six months he’d bought his first ‘antique’ (= clapped-out!) double-decker bus! Within a year he’d renovated it completely. He has used that bus for the last decade to rent out to wedding parties, ‘nostalgia’ tours and suchlike and he drives it himself on most occasions, having passed his bus driver’s exam. Okay, he’s not making a packet out of it I’d admit. About £10k a year. But he LOVES it. I tell this story because I would have considered his passion hard to make money from – but he went and did it!

So get back in touch with YOUR childhood passions.

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