You Don’t Deserve to Be Wealthy!

Understand that you become wealthy as a result of taking correct actions and not because you deserve it.

Many very good people ‘deserve’ to be financially free in order that they may carry on their good work. Sadly, life rarely rewards such people financially.

You only make money by taking the right sort of actions—those designed to generate wealth. Those actions are almost certainly to produce goods and services which other people want to buy.

The take home here is not to expect financial rewards for being a good boy or good girl.

The rewards that come from that are different and no less valuable.

But financial rewards stem from acting in certain well-known ways. The shorthand word which covers most of those ways is ‘business’.

If you do not have enough money for passive investments you need to be in a business of some sort.

The only alternative is to rely on luck such as the lottery – and as you know that is not a very good wealth strategy!

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