Dream Big!

Dream Big!

If you want to be wealthy, you must have a dream. That’s where it all starts. As the song goes: “If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to make your dream come true?”

Dreaming is visualisation plus passion.

Your dreams should be big but not ridiculous or grandiose.

Dreams come a size too large so that we can grow into them!

But be careful. So often I have seen people get nowhere because they misunderstood what I mean by ‘dream big’. They think they need GRAND dreams, WORTHY dreams, ALTRUISTIC dreams and that anything else is a little small-minded and selfish.

They’re wrong.

Your dream does not have to involve finding a cure for cancer; feeding the world’s starving or inventing faster-than-light travel. Nothing wrong with these dreams of course. All very worthy. But more human-scale dreams are allowed!

I read a book by Barbara Sher about someone who was an accountant for a massive firm. He was bored to death. One day, he was driving and passed a broken-down old windmill. He suddenly knew what his dream and passion was – to renovate that windmill, move into it and run it as a working mill. After much work, heartache and effort (for I will not pretend it was easy) he eventually bought that mill, renovated it and now runs a small flour-milling business and souvenir shop from the site. He’s never been happier. He never looked back.

He’s not saving the world, feeding the hungry or making the lion lay down with the lamb. He just recognised and then followed his own dream.

Could you do this?

Don’t let others dictate your dreams for you. Don’t let society tell you your dreams are not grand enough or worthy enough. If your dream is to have the largest collection of Beanie-babies on the world, then go for it! If you want to breed Red Admiral butterflies and release them into the wild, go for it!

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