Find Your Own ‘Field of Diamonds’

Find Your Own ‘Field of Diamonds’

What can you do to make money? 

Here’s a thought. Start with something you know something about.

You’ve probably heard the ‘Fields of Diamonds’ story. It’s an old chestnut, so I’ll be brief. Legend has it that a poor South African man left his clapped-out farm to search for diamonds. After many adventures and near-death experiences, he came home years later a wiser, but just as broke, man. He’d found no diamonds. Then one day whilst digging in the dirt on his own back lot, he dug up a whopper (a bit like this tale, I suspect). Sure enough, wherever he stuck his shovel, out came carrots. Or is that Karats? Whatever. Turns out the poor sap had been travelling the world looking for something which was right on his doorstep all along.

Okay, deep new age insight coming… Nah, forget it, you get my drift! So, what’s the point here? It’s this… Don’t go ‘trawling the world’ looking for that exotic idea which is way out of your field of expertise. Start with the mundane. Start with what you know. You may think you know little, but that’s not true.

You are unique and have something which only YOU can offer and it’s probably something you’re good at too! Believe it!

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