Find a Parade – and Get in Front of It!

Find a Parade – And Get in Front of it!

I feel sure you’ve watched Dragon’s Den at some point.

If not, it is compulsory viewing for all aspiring millionaires.

Of course, like Pop Idol, X-Factor and The Apprentice, these programmes are all carefully crafted to have a selection of ‘personalities’, ‘weirdos’ and crazy ideas mixed in with sensible ideas and competent people.

Remember this is entertainment, not education!

But having said that, have you noticed how lame some of the ideas are?

The main fault seems to be that people ‘invent’ something (gawd help us!) and then start looking for a market or trying to persuade people they need it.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

What you need to do in order to get very wealthy, very fast is (as Joshua Shafran says) “Find a parade – and get in front of it!”

And you know what that means?

Do NOT try to create a new market, but instead jump on the bandwagon (preferably a wild, out of control, careering bandwagon) and go with the flow of what’s hot right now.

Why should you not try and create a new market?

The answer is simple – you don’t have the time and resources to see it through.

Sorry, but that’s the blunt truth. And it doesn’t matter HOW much money you’ve got – you haven’t got enough. And anyway, you want to get wealthy sooner, rather than later, I presume?

Do you have any idea how long it takes to educate a market into buying a brand new product? Years. And millions. So don’t go there.

There are vast fortunes to be made by being second or third in the market – or even twenty-third as long as the market is still hot.

Let others spend the money breaking into the market. Let others spend five years teaching people that ‘bacteria can be friendly’ and so “Please buy our yoghurt drink which is teaming with billions of bacteria but they’re the FRIENDLY ones, so that’s okay, right?” (Ha ha! What a tough, multi-million education job THAT was!).

You come along and simply join the parade and take advantage of their expensive path-finding.

So don’t try to ‘invent’ something. Find something that’s working and grab yourself a slice of that particular pie!

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