The ‘Hedge Trimming’ of Life

The ‘Hedge Trimming’ of Life

In my last missive I was quite hard-hitting and explained how your life was slipping away from you, year by precious year, spent in  wading through a pile of ‘urgent but non-important’ trivia.

The ‘gas bills’ of life; the ‘Tesco shopping’ of life; the ‘hedge trimming’ of life.

Because of this overwhelm, we rarely make time for the important but non-urgent things such as planning a brighter, better tomorrow.

By ‘non urgent’ I mean they do not clamour for our attention Now, TODAY.

I believe all failure and success is psychological at root and so before I launch into a method for overcoming this problem, just pause a moment and ask WHY you might squander your life like this. There’s always a reason and there’s always a pay-off.

One answer is that, secretly, you are terrified. Scared witless of change, and above all petrified of success.

You may protest: “Oh no! I’m not scared! Bring it on! I just haven’t succeeded so far because…” and then you bolt-on your favourite excuse such as no time, no ‘luck’, commitments, no ideas and so on.

But the truth may be deeper and you may be sabotaging your own success through fear. Something to think about. If true, no success tips or methods will have the slightest effect on you. Either you won’t even bother to do them (most likely) or your will ‘try’ and fail through ‘no fault of your own’.

Okay, here’s de-cluttering tip number one. It is to take an inventory of what you do with your time. Now look, don’t make this arduous. I want a ‘quick and dirty’ thumbnail sketch which you can do in five or ten minutes.

Write it down. What do you do Tuesday Evening? Thursday evening? Saturday? Do a quick list for each day. Now look down the list and find blocks of time you are doing out of ‘duty’, ‘obligation’ or just because you’ve always done it (e.g. Thursday night is curry night with Brenda and Stanley – you don’t really enjoy it but you’ve done it for the last ten years!)

Next, ruthlessly expunge those activities which fall into the above categories and (here’s the important bit) replace them with activities which are going to move you towards your dream life. That could be study, business planning, writing – whatever. Diary them in. Don’t just leave that as ‘free time’ because the tidal wave of life fills all free nooks and crannies with ‘stuff’.

More next time.

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