The Most Important Day of the Year


Today is arguably the most important day in 2013 for you.

Here’s why…

Christmas is over. The New Year is over and with it the new year’s resolutions have faded.

There is something magical about the energy of January 1st with all its promise for a better year than last year.


By the 14th of January that energy has largely dissipated and there is a powerful magnetic pull which drags you inexorably back to the ‘same old same old’.

You are, right now, in terrible danger of repeating 2012 all over again!

That’s not a problem if 2012 was an awesome year for you. But if 2012 didn’t advance you towards your goals you don’t want more of the same in the next 12 months!

So my message today is short and simple. Shake yourself hard. Wake up from the slow stupor which threatens to send you to sleep for another year. Grab a piece of paper and write down just THREE things which you vow to do immediately which will set you back on the path to prosperity and success.

Don’t make them massive tasks because you won’t do them. Make them one hour tasks or less.

Phone Dave to ask him about that business idea he mentioned in an email last year. Do an hour internet research on that eBay business idea you had. Meet Sheila for a coffee to talk over her Forex trading scheme. That sort of thing.

I just want you taking ACTION because it has an amazing effect on your subconscious.

If you don’t follow this advice, it’s back to sleep for another year!

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