Two Important Wealth Tips

Here are two critically important wealth tips.

TIP 1          Know Your Financial Position

You owe it to yourself to be really clear about your current financial position.

Don’t spend a week on it. Half an hour is all it takes.

How much do you owe?

Make sure you include everything!

What are your assets? Write down their current value. If you had to sell everything you own and pay off all of your debts, would the balance be negative or positive? If so, by how much?

If you’re serious about becoming wealthy and free, you MUST know the answer to these questions.


TIP 2          Know Your Debt Level

Do you owe money?

If so take 10 minutes to write out a list of all of your debts.

Many people bury their heads in the sand hoping this will make their debts go away.

To be a winner you have to face up to your current position, so write those debts down.

Put them in order of highest interest first and lowest interest last.

Your urgent task is to pay off those high interest loans because they are probably killing you.

Make this a priority.

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