Welcome to Your Job From Hell

Welcome To Your Job From Hell

Are you living the life you wanted? Or is it the part someone else selected for you? Maybe your parents? If you find yourself standing naked on stage, clutching your old script and wailing: “This isn’t my part! But… but… but… I don’t know what part I really want to play!” then here’s a great idea (courtesy of Barbara Sher – buy her books.)

Now if I suggested that you take a sheet of paper and write your ‘Perfect Job Description’ onto it, I know, from experience, that you’d find this a very tough assignment. You’re simply not used to asking yourself questions like: “What do I really want?” If you doubt this, have a go at writing your own ‘Job From Heaven’. Go on. Let your imagination run riot. You can design your perfect fantasy job. Where will you work? Who will you work with? In what sort of environment? Doing what? What hours will you work? What salary will you be paid? Is it a manual job? A creative job? Just put down anything you can think of which would make your working day blissful.

If you actually try to complete this exercise you’ll find it a fairly difficult.

The reason is that the second you try to fantasise about your ideal job, negative thoughts and old scripts crowd your mind, effectively saying to you: “Don’t be silly! You can’t have that!” “That would be impossible; that’s asking too much.”

Now, here’s a neat trick. Take another sheet of paper and on the top of it write: “My Job From Hell.”

Describe the nightmarish work environment, write about the crummy people you’ll be working with and the dreary tasks you’ll be performing. Moan about your measly salary and your skinflint boss. I can guarantee that you’ll hardly be able to stop writing! You will take a ghoulish glee in putting down every awful detail. You’ll run out of paper and ink long before you run out of ghastly details of that job.

Please do this exercise, and don’t only read about it. You’ll be quite stunned by its effect.

The next part of this exercise is to take your ‘Job From Hell’and write the exact opposite of everything you have put down.

For example if you wrote: “I work in a dark, noisy, fume-filled factory, with loud pop music blaring all day over speakers,” then rewrite this, maybe something like: “I work in a light, quiet, airy office.” Another example should suffice. If you wrote: “Each day is identical to the last, I produce an endless stream of identical widgets, and never receive any praise or thanks for my work” you need to rewrite this as follows: “Each day I work on something different, no two projects are the same and I receive a huge amount of praise, admiration and respect for my work.”

Get the idea?

What you are doing is using the ‘Job From Hell’ as a method of bypassing the subconscious mind. Effectively, you are finding out what you don’t want, and reversing it to produce your Job From Heaven.

When I sat down and used this technique, I was quite surprised by the results. I found out things about myself which I had not been aware of before.

The purpose of his exercise is to manufacture a large Day-Glo signpost which will point the way to your passion.

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