You Could Do Anything You Want – if Only You Knew What It Was!

You Could Do Anything You Want – If Only You Knew What It Was!

When you hear ‘gurus’ saying things like: “Find your dream and follow it!” – does your heart sink?

Do you think: “Sheesh, I would if I HAD any dreams but I haven’t a clue what I REALLY want to do. That’s my trouble – I never have done.” 

Something like that?

You’re not alone!

Think about it. Did school or your parents encourage your dreams?

Were you allowed even to HAVE such an exotic thing as a dream?

I doubt it. Dreams were…well… for dreamers.

There were those important Geography and Chemistry exams to be tackled! 

Here’s a great book that can help you get back in touch with your dreams. It’s called ‘I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was.’ by Barbara Sher.

Great title, damn her eyes! Wish I’d thought of it first! 

In the book, Barbara tells a wonderful story about a Canadian woman who cannot find the inner resources to leave her unfulfiling job. One day she decides she wants to be a husky driver in a sled dog race.

She takes all the training and eventually runs with the dawgies. It’s the most exciting thing she’s ever done and she returns wide-eyed and exhilarated. But her friends are astonished

when she calmly announces she’s giving up her new found passion after just one race.

They ask her what she’s going to do now and she replies “leave my job!”

She needed the husky experience as a catalyst to allow her to move on and find her true dream.

Great story and it’s a great book if you’re unsure of your direction in life.

It’s out of print so get it used from Amazon. Read it. Exhume your long-buried dreams.   

You could do anything you want – if only you knew what it was!

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