Become Laser-Beam Focussed

In the popular mind and media, wealthy people are portrayed as ‘ruthless’.

They only seem this way because they focus on the task in front of them whereas the flaky people around them lack concentration and discipline.

I hardly need to say that most people are not laser beam focussed on anything! They drift through their lives completely rudderless without any plans or ambition.

As soon as they get any money they spend it. They nearly always spend more than they earn, meaning they are in debt.

If you want financial freedom you will need to be one tough-minded S.O.B.

You will also need to be brave.

Again, not wishing to bang on, but most people aren’t brave. In fact they are incredible wimps—timid, shivering and startled by the slightest upset and stopped dead by the tiniest setback.

This is why only a small percentage of people attain wealth.

Having a warrior attitude is one of the secrets to riches. Buying safe blue-chip shares and holding them for a few percent gain each year (and, as it happens a reasonably high risk of significant capital loss) simply will not get you where you want to be fast enough.

By all means do this with a portion of your money if you want to. But to become wealthy you need to set aside or create a chunk of money called your seedcorn capital.

Then you have to risk this capital and probably some of your time again and again, usually in a diverse number of special investments, with the object of gearing it up so that it will be worth a million or more in a reasonable period of time.

That’s the name of the game and it needs you to be ‘ruthless’ (i.e. focussed).

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