What Life Is REALLY All About

What Life is REALLY All About

You want to be rich?

Okay, here’s an important question: “What do you REALLY want money for?”

Maybe you’ve never asked yourself this question. Like most people, perhaps you’ve been locked in a frenzied struggle just to get more of the green, folding stuff without ever really pausing to consider why you want it. Many people think: “Just gimme the dosh and I’ll find a way to spend it…” Fair enough, but that’s no more intelligent a stance than saying: “Just gimme the vodka and I’ll get it down my neck…” or “Just gimme the drugs and I’ll get off my face…”

Instead of flinging yourself thoughtlessly into the scrabble to gain more money, it is a powerful thing to step back and look at your life and your aspirations. Comforting fantasies to one side, this IS your only life. This is IT.

What are you going to do with your few precious remaining years? I think you only have two choices. Choice one is squander it on trivia – more food, more booze, more TV, more toys, more ‘holidays’, more stuff –the objective being to pollute the planet as much as possible and to leave the largest pile of garbage that you can achieve, just as long as you’ve had ‘fun’. Or… you can build a powerful life for yourself. A life that makes a difference – first for yourself, and then for others. A life you can look back on and be proud of.

Face it, if all you’ve done in your life is consume a lot of stuff, you are not going to fondly recall it with glowing pride. What’s your gravestone going to say? “He Ate aLot”? “He Owned Several Cars”? “My, What A Large House She Had”?

Now I happen to think that you need money (often BIG money) to craft a powerful life for yourself. At the very least you need to be free from the 9-5 in order to concentrate your energies on your passion –  that takes a million quid for starters.

Many dreams come with a very big price tag. Of course if you just need a couple of hundred extra a month to pay the gas bill then you will have zero interest in passion and crafting an excellent life for yourself. Fair enough. Maybe what I say here will stay with you and be useful later. But others will already have glimpsed the truth of what I am saying and will be hungry for more.


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