Live Life on YOUR Terms


Ask yourself: “Am I living my own life or somebody else’s?”

Strange question, but think about it for a moment.

What messages were you given as a youngster by your family, friends and teachers?

Who were you ‘supposed’ to be?

Most of us were programmed from an early age to become something we’re not. Often the programming was blatant: “All Bradley men are motor mechanics…” (So you’ll be one too.) Or: “We come from a long line of great cooks…” (Time to get the recipe book out then!)

Usually the message was drip-fed into your soul over many years – often in a well-meaning way, of course, by people who had ‘your best interests’ at heart. So you ended up where you are right now.

Take a long hard look at your life.

Is it where you want to be? Are you living your dream? Probably not.

I’ve had hundreds of one-to-one consultancy sessions with my students over the years and one thing has always struck me – people aren’t doing what they want to do but what they’re supposed to do. They are living lives of quiet misery, largely unfulfilled and wasting their genuine natural talents.

Isn’t that tragic?

How about you? Which sort of life are you living? Maybe you can make a start at finding out what went wrong by trying to tease-out your own early programming.

Who and what did others mould you to be?

You may discover, with horror, that you’ve been living someone else’s life instead of your own!

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