Do You Have the Mind of an Entrepreneur?

Since I’ve made a few bob in my time, the most common question I get asked is something like: “How do I make money? I can’t see a way.”

I find this question startling because I reckon I see a minimum of ten hot money-making opportunities EACH DAY just as I’m going about my normal business.

Are people blind? Can they really not see what I see?

It seems that way. I think it’s because entrepreneurs are always on the look-out for a way to make money. Others have ‘money blinkers’ – they wouldn’t see a gold mine if they fell down one.

My problem is I have no time to exploit all these opportunities – there are simply too many of them. Example: I was in a London store called Lillywhites (I believe) with some friends visiting me from Thailand who like that sort of thing. It’s a discount clothes shop. Jeans for £2 a pair and that sort of thing. Ugh. On the 3rd floor, tucked away behind crammed racks of cheap T-shirts was an enormous display of… gold clubs!!! Drivers, to be precise. All good names and all marked down to… wait for it… £3 each.

Yes, you read that right. Go and check for yourself, they’ll still be there as they seemed to have an unlimited supply. They were not faulty and seemed brand, spanking new.

Now there’s a money making opportunity and I spotted it in a heartbeat. Could my Thai friend flog these in Bangkok? You betcha! At about £50 each – minimum. Air freight worked out at £6 a club if we sent 50. So that’s what we’re going to do. He’s stony broke so I’ll let him keep all the money. 50 x £41 (profit) is just over two grand. Okay, not a King’s ransom and he’s got a bit of work to do to shift them, but £2k is what most people earn in a MONTH – and there it was, just lying in a shop to be taken.

That’s the sort of thing I mean – it really is everywhere once you throw away your money blinkers and get looking. I presume hundreds if not thousands of people (all broke, otherwise they wouldn’t shop there) had walked right past this. So please try to develop this money-making radar scan. It’s the habit of seeing a profit in everything you are involved with.

Really, there’s SO much opportunity out there it’s almost embarrassing.

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