How to Make Yourself Miserable

How to Make Yourself Miserable

One of the problems with trying to get rich is that you’re often dissatisfied with the life you have.

It is this dissatisfaction which should impel you towards a brighter better tomorrow.

If you think about it, it’s hard to get wealthy if you’re feeling perfectly okay about your current lifestyle. Where would the energy come from to make the changes?

But this dissatisfaction is a double-edged sword. It impels you to take action, but unless you’re careful it can make you miserable in the here and now.

There’s a great book you can get from Amazon called How To Make Yourself Miserable and it contains some wonderful lessons.

It tells you to look at people with lithe, youthful bodies and compare your own flab and poor muscle tone.

It instructs you to look at wealthy people with their great houses and tasty cars – and compare that to your miserable 3-bed semi and 10-year old rust bucket.

It implores you to compare your intelligence, musical ability, charm and wit with the most successful, glittering people in the world.

You can guess the effect – you come away feeling third best and very miserable indeed!

So the trick (and it’s not that easy to pull off) is to be as happy as you can right now, whilst planning for an even more wonderful future.

This means you do NOT compare all your faults with others who are better than you. There are always richer, more handsome, funnier, more talented people than you around.

No, you need to keep just enough angst to get you moving; just enough grit to make the wheels grip and just enough twitchiness to force you out of your armchair.

What you don’t want is misery and depression because so many people are ‘better’ than you. Depression is a low-energy state and it won’t get you moving to make the changes you need to make.

The state of mind to aim for is: “I’m really loving my life right now, but hey, it would be even BETTER if I…”

Can you do this?

Sure you can!

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