You Are Who You Mix With

You Are Who You Mix With


Who are you mixing with these days?

Do you know it’s almost impossible to raise yourself above the economic level of your family and friends?

You may think these people are the ones most likely to support you in your dreams of getting wealthy and breaking free.

They are not.

In fact they are your deadliest enemies and will do all in their power to keep you down at their level of poverty and servitude.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s rarely any malice involved. They don’t hate you! Most would claim to ‘love’ you.

No, the thing is, as long as you’re at their poverty level you are no threat. You’re just one of the crowd – a good old bloke or gal. A mate, a pal, a relation. Someone to have a beer or a curry with.

But if you start talking about (or worse, achieving) wealth, you start to represent a big threat to them.

Why? Because you are shouting out a message loud and clear. The message is: “Hey, Look! It IS possible to break free of servitude. You don’t HAVE to be so poor. I’m doing it! Follow me!”

Now you may think people would gladly rally to  such a clarion call with a song on their lips and a stirring in their brave hearts. But you would be wrong.

You are, in effect, asking people to CHANGE and that evokes raw, naked fear in their lily-livered souls!

They have two choices. Get some courage and follow you, or… break you back down to their level. One is the hard route (the route you are taking) the other is the easy route.

Guess which route they take?

No prizes.

It’s easier to badger, persuade, cajole and threaten you to give up your wild-eyed dreams of freedom, than it is to claim freedom for themselves. So that’s what they will do.

You have been warned. It’s not personal.

So one consequence of getting rich is that you will lose most of your current friends and be estranged from many of your family.

A blessing or a curse?

I’ll leave you to decide!

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