Is It Possible to Make Money Trading the Financial Markets?

This is a question I am often asked because it seems the perfect home-based business idea.

Before I give you my views, if you’ve never heard of this let me give you a 1-paragraph summary of the idea.

Indexes such as the FTSE, DOW, DAX etc. go up and down all the time depending on news, the mood of the country and so on. As a home-based trader, you take ‘bets’ on which way you think the market will go. E.g. you bet £10 per point that the FTSE will go up. If it does go up (say 20 points) you make £200. Naturally you can lose as well (in this case, if the FTSE went down). It only takes a few minutes a day and you need a PC connected to the Internet.

Okay, so can you make money?

As it happens, I know the answer because I am the ghost-writer of no less than 4 courses on trading, and have done a fair bit myself.

The answer is: yes you can, and many thousands of ordinary people do just that, making up to £3,000 a month tax-free in half an hour a day.

But… you need two essential things before you can generate an income from trading. You need a good basic course on what trading is all about (the terminology and ideas can seem strange when you first met them). AND you need a simple, proven trading system which you can put into action and ‘cut your teeth’ on.

Many people make the mistake of buying a £3,000 trading course and jumping right in without any knowledge or experience. They lose money!

If trading is something that interests you, I am running one of my rare 1-day “Basics of Trading” seminars on November 8th in Reading. Details not released yet but if you are interested drop me an email.

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