Money From Vanity Publishing


People are very vain and they love to see their name in print, their photo in a magazine or whatever.

Ever seen a football game where the camera pans across the crown and everyone jumps up in a wave – they’re desperate to be seen!

How can we use this to our advantage?

I know about a guy who is a magician. He publishes magic books. It’s a hobby area. When you get into a hobby area that people have a passion about, they like to see themselves in print as an ‘expert’.

So he’s published maybe 45 to 50 titles over the last few years of magic tricks and illusions in books selling anywhere from £10 to some of them well over £100.

Not in a single case has the author asked for payment!

What he does is he publishes them, makes them very attractive, he does a very high quality job and he gives the contribtors a quantity of books free. They’re so thrilled to see the beautiful job and their name in print. “The Three Cup Trick – by Stephen Magus” or whatever. The last thing they want is money!

They also invariably buy 20 copies at a small discount to give to family and friends. 100 authors, 20 copies, £35 per book?

That’s £70,000.00 in sales without doing ANY marketing!

He has more manuscripts then he can handle.

So bear that idea in mind if it can be applied to anything you’re thinking of getting into.

It’s a really profitable shortcut publishing secret.

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