What Money Is REALLY For

What Money is REALLY For


Today I want to talk about the REAL purpose of money.

I believe it is for crafting a life of Power, Passion and Purpose – it’s not for squandering on trivial toys, baubles and trinkets. Neither is it for greedily consuming more, more, more.

One million pounds buys you freedom from the master – whilst not rich, that amount means you need never work again.

Maybe you then need another million to get over the ‘silly toy’ phase (because few can resist spending loads of cash on expensive consumables). After that it’s time to think what you really want to do with your remaining years.

And I don’t believe you’re here to consume more stuff!

The money is for your passion and dream. I know you may not have that at the moment, but just keep this in mind.

How much do you need for this project? Answer, anything between 1p and one hundred thousand billion pounds! It depends on your dream!

Want to build a sense of community in your own neighbourhood? Maybe that’s free – or almost. Cheesy nibbles for twenty will set you back a fiver.

Want to start a local dog rescue scheme? Ah, now we need a few thousand, maybe fifty or a hundred thousand. You’ll need boarding kennels for maybe 20 dogs. Vet bills. Food. Leaflets, Advertising. You get the idea.

Passionate about the rough deal prisoners get when they get chucked out of nick? Maybe you’d like to start a nationwide scheme to help ex-offenders to make a new start. Earmark a couple of million just to get going on this project.

Want to save the whale or the gorilla? Now you’re talking BIG cash in the hundreds of millions or even billions.

Notice these ideas have a common theme. They are all to do with helping others or the environment. Worthwhile dreams are always like this. And that’s nothing to do with goody-goody altruism. It’s just how we are wired by millions of years of evolution. (There is obviously huge survival value in caring about the welfare of others and the environment). Rarely do you get satisfaction from a dream like the following: “To have the world’s largest collection of Porsche cars which I will lock away in a massive garage on my country estate.” Okay, I’ve gone quite deep – maybe too deep for you. I hope not. At least start thinking – dreaming – about what you would do if you were free and powerful.

I hope something wonderful comes to mind.

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