No News Is Good News

No News Is Good News

I often get on people’s nerves by telling them to stop watching TV news, stop listening to radio news and above all to stop buying ‘news’ papers.


It’s a waste of time – and you need every minute of ‘spare’ time to craft your perfect life.

It’s also a total downer and ruins your psyche for that day.

That’s two good reasons. But I’ve had people say: “It’s important to keep up with the news – that way I know what’s going on.”

Really? You honestly think the news informs you of what’s going on? Get real! You (and I) do not know what’s going on anywhere. We are tossed a few bits of ‘drongo fodder’ to keep us titillated or shocked – but please don’t ever imagine for a moment you actually know what’s going on!

Look, if something really important happens, you’ll hear about it. Spare yourself the rest. The murders; the endless knee-jerk political posturings; the tabloids’ half-baked opinions; the latest thing to ‘worry about’ – AIDS, global warming, Iran, Iraq, terrorism – and a hundred others.

All these issues are pumped-up; then they peak in the media and die down only to be replaced with another piece of misery. (You doubt it? Look back on last year’s headlines.)

Each day a ‘story’ will be running. Turn on the news and see. What is it they are prattling about today? Is this of real importance to you? Does it really affect your life? What are you going to DO about it? If nothing (quite likely) then do you need to hear it? Answer – most times you don’t.

For the one in a hundred stories which you should know about (because they impact upon you and your family) then you will hear soon enough. So I will say it again – stop listening to, reading about or watching ‘The News’. It isn’t news. It is sheep-fodder for you to dutifully munch through and then regurgitate as ‘your’ opinion.

I want to conclude with why I am saying this. It’s because you need TIME to make money – so you can’t waste a second. And you need the right MINDSET which includes a positive, benevolent outlook on the world. How can you have that attitude when you are drip-fed poison about how the world is going to hell in a hand-basket?

You cannot.

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