Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used to Be

Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be

I was reminded me recently of the awesome money-making potential of nostalgia. I’m not kidding around here – this has serious money-making power.

In another Blog I gave you a great way to get back in touch with your passion. I said you should try to remember something from your childhood that you loved doing back then. My pal loved red buses as a kid and he ended up renovating one and making great money hiring it out – and having fun too. What did you love as a kid?

Since I was born in the fifties, one thing I loved as a kid was Watch With Mother. This is a huge nostalgia rush for me. I cannot hear the theme tune to Andy Pandy without coming over all gooey – even tearful. True! Okay, for you it might be Postman Pat, Fireman Sam or that dreary monotone delivery by Ringo Starr in Thomas The Tank Engine.  But my point is that these nostalgia niches are huge. Truly vast. Don’t believe me? Type any of those old TV show titles into E-bay and check the hit rate! In fact, think of any toy from your childhood and enter it (eg Meccano) and prepare to be overwhelmed!

The biggest market by far are the people my age the baby boomers. Bottom line is, they have the time, the leisure and… they want their childhood back! I know I do! So, chances are that if you loved something as a kid (e.g. Muffin the Mule, now that it’s legal…) then a whole heap of others will too. There’s copyright on a lot of this stuff of course – I’m just giving you the principles here. There’s a mega market in Barbie dolls, customised with various ‘interesting’ outfits…so I’ve heard! (Check out if you dare!) There are a  million niches here.

Make it something YOU love. Don’t just pick something you think could make money but which you are not really interested in. Your heart won’t be in it.

So why not find your own money-making nostalgia niche? It could be your ticket to riches.

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