Am I the Oldest Head Banger in Town?

Am I The Oldest Head Banger In Town?

Wow! Recently I saw Led Zeppelin live in concert. A young, 20-something Robert Plant, strutted bare-chested on the stage alongside the long-haired Jimmy Page playing his inimitable guitar riffs. An awesome gig – or should that be ‘Ace, man?’ Also LOUD.

“Hang on,” I hear you say. “Did you say a TWENTY something Robert Plant? Isn’t he… er… like about sixty?”

Well observed. But, you see, this wasn’t the REAL Led Zeppelin – this was the tribute band, BOOT LED ZEPPELIN.

And they were truly sensational. Indistinguishable from the original. In fact, BETTER than the original.

A few weeks before that I saw the Bootleg Beatles and they were equally brilliant and equally indistinguishable from the original. It was truly thrilling to be there. If this was your era, you should go to either/both if you get the chance.

Anyway, my objective here isn’t to keep you abreast of my social life (let’s see now,6pmdinner with me again, can’t miss that. 7pm it’s Gin Rummy with the pensioners club… 9 pm stare hopelessly into abyss…)

My point is to pick up on the ‘nostalgia = cash’ theme from a blog I will post next – and this concert was a perfect example. The place was jam-packed solid with fifty-somethings (like me), all re-living their days of yore. They were snapping-up T-shirts and CDs in the interval. Some were even head-banging in the aisles! True. A very great deal of money changed hands on that day. It started in the pockets of middle aged, quite wealthy people who want to re-live their youth. And it ended up in the hands of  people who had the youth already (damn their eyes) and who were happy to oblige the fantasy.

Think on that.

Something YOU could make money from???

PS Check out the photos in the gallery on  I’m saying nothing!


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