Are You Planting Enough Wealth Seeds?

Are You Planting Enough Wealth Seeds?

With the daffs in full bloom in the garden, my thoughts turn to Spring and the seasons. Spring is a time for… growth. Planting the seeds, taking proper care of them, watching them grow, reaping the harvest. Life for a human being must be a constant growth process, otherwise…we atrophy. We may not drop down dead, but we become something far worse – living zombies.

Year after year of almost identical life, each month barely distinguishable from the previous one. No challenges, no changes. Same partner, same house, same job, same friends – same bank balance (zero – on a good day!).

How do you grow? Easy. Look at nature. Recognize the cycles in your own life. Use them – don’t fight against them.

Spring is the time for planting the seeds of your financial future. What seeds are you going to plant? What new projects are you going to begin? What changes are you going to make to your life, right now, starting TODAY so that you can reap a rich harvest in the autumn? As Jim Rohn says: “A man tells me ‘I really need to reap’ – I tell him ‘then you really need to sow.’ ”

If you don’t sow the seeds, begin the projects, then come harvest time, you’ll be staring at a barren, dust-blown field. Whilst others are taking in great bundles of wheat, you’ll be left with a few grains.

Wise farmers don’t just plant one seed. They know that despite their best efforts, random events will destroy a percentage of the crop so they plant many seeds to ensure some get through.

The wind blows some away, the crows eat a few, some are choked by weeds others are good seeds but land on infertile areas of the field. Farmers know this and don’t care. They expect to lose a few and don’t waste time bleating about it.

Of course, you know I’m not talking ‘farming’ here. If you generate many ideas, then a few of them will grow into money-trees.

If you plant ten ideas, five may die in the ground, three will turn into scrawny saplings and two will grow into trees, one of which will reach to the sky with branches of pure platinum and leaves of gold.

So get cracking and harness some of that Spring energy, before summer lethargy sets in!

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