Power, Passion and Purpose

Power, Passion and Purpose

How much money do you need? Answer, quite a lot! Three lots, in fact.

First you need enough in the bank so you never have to work again. I call this your Freedom Figure and it’s typically about one million.

Next you need some money to play with toys (flashy cars and ‘designer’ watches). Why? Because I’ve yet to meet someone with the wisdom to avoid all this trash. So that’s another million or so.

The third slug of money is easily the most important. In my view, money is NOT for buying trivial but expensive consumer toys. Nor is it for buying pretty little baubles to amuse ourselves with. Nor is it for gluttony, greedy consumerism, gaining status over our fellow life-travellers, manipulation and negative power. With your ‘Freedom Figure’ (say a million) under your belt, you will be a free man or woman – it’s then time to decide what you want to DO with that freedom.

You’ve probably never been free before. There will be a certain amount of blinking in the sunlight and gazing in awe at the bright new world about you. Then it’s time to answer this: “What is YOUR special mission here on earth? What are YOU uniquely going to achieve? How are YOU going to aid your fellow human travellers?”

As long as you’re an unhappy wage-slave, you have little time even to consider these questions, let alone do anything about them. You may want a better world, you may want to contribute to the wellbeing of others, you may want to pursue your dreams, but you’re bonded in slavery and your life is leaking away, year by precious year. Okay, armed with your Freedom Figure, and assuming you’ve played with some toys, you now need a third chunk of money. And this can be anything from 1p to one hundred billion pounds – and anything in between.

What’s this money for? Toys? Trinkets? Flashy cars. Fancy watches and designer clothes? No. This is your POWER, PASSION and PURPOSE money. The three P’s. This is the money which you need to realise your unique dream. And here’s the real key… I believe that your dream, if it’s to bring you lasting happiness, must be something which meets people’s true needs. This is not altruistic selflessness or ‘feel good’ rhetoric. Far from it. It is rational SELFISHNESS. You’re here to pursue your own happiness – not the happiness of others. But as it happens, we’re ‘wired’ by a million years of evolution to be unhappy when our fellows are suffering – and happy when they’re happy too. Isn’t that just totally perfect? Once we realise this, it means that we can actively pursue our own happiness knowing that our efforts bring joy to others too.

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