Four Powerful Statements

If you still have a little New Year spirit left at the end of February, could I urge you to take a few moments to just sit quietly and ask yourself the question: “What am I about?”

Just ask it over and over and see if anything surfaces.

This is so important because I bet you’ve jumped right back onto the hamster wheel haven’t you? By that I mean Christmas and New Year are long faded memories, and you’re back to doing exactly what you did all last year.

And if you are anything like most people, that will be working stupidly hard and then over compensating by trying to ‘play’ hard.

That means cramming-in as many things as possible which are supposed to be ‘fun’ but don’t quite hit the spot. We then obliterate the ensuing pain and vacuum with booze (the drug of choice for most) cigarettes and increasingly, ‘recreational’ drugs.

Put like that, it’s a bit of a poor way of living, don’t you think?

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can craft your own perfect life! – Yes, you really can. To create a life of excellence for yourself you need to start to think what that may consist of. What better way to start than with these headings:

“I want to live.”

“I want to love.”

“I want to learn.”

“I want to leave a legacy.”

They pretty much cover everything we are about as humans and they are powerful headings.

I will leave them to settle on your subconscious. Contrast this with the way most people live today. It’s almost as if they are saying:

“I want to consume as much of everything as I can possibly get my hands on.”

“I want to work myself into the ground.”

“I want to be endlessly entertained, amused and titillated.”

“I want oblivion through drink, drugs, over-eating etc.”

And above all… “I want to avoid any thought or action which might lead me to uncover my true self, my true desires and the true meaning of my life.”

Ouch. Home truth?

Catch you next time.

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