The Simple Ideas Are Sometimes the Best

Let me iron-out your money worries…

I have many friends who are totally broke.

Yes not all the friends of millionaires are millionaires themselves!

Take Pauline and Geoff. They are always totally skint. And recently they’ve been threatened with repossession of their house. That’s no fun with two teenage lads.

Over the years I’ve passed quite a few genuine and hot business opportunities to Pauline Geoff and even offered to hold their hands and mentor them whilst they get something up and running – but nothing has ever come of it. He’s too busy doing what he’s always done (driving a delivery van for £5 an hour) in a desperate attempt to make ends meet. He was nearly killed before Christmas as he wrote-of the van driving too fast and whilst really tired.

Pauline called me in desperation a couple of months ago. What could she do to make extra cash? They were about to lose their home and things were serious. The first thing that popped into my mind was an ironing round. I have no idea why!

She seized upon that – she’s one of those strange people who actually enjoy ironing! Within two weeks she had quite a few clients and she was making £11 an hour. Not a fortune, but hey, it pulled them back from the precipice and it was more than double what Geoff was making.

Now she’s started to farm-out the ironing to friends who are DESPERATE for the work at £5 an hour (call it exploitation but they are delighted). She’s still ironing, but also concentrating on pick-ups, new customers and deliveries. She reckons she’ll pull down nearly £50k in the next 12 months from this. That’s pretty good going, don’t you reckon?

There are just SO many opportunities out there if someone can be bothered (or is desperate enough) to get of their backside and do something. Maybe ‘wanting to be a millionaire’ has held you back and blinded you to the simpler ideas out there such as this ironing round?

Is there something like this YOU could do? Maybe build it up through the sweat of your brow, and then gradually get others to do the hard work whilst you become the boss? If it brought you £50k – £100k a year, wouldn’t that be better than what you’re doing now?

It’s worth thinking about, surely.

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