The Stark Truth About Wealth

I’ve been a bit soft on you in this column so far and I’m going to change that today.

Maybe I’ll revert to the warmer, gentler Stu at a later stage – maybe!

Over the years I’ve shown many thousands of people how to get wealthy. When they have a one-to-one with me, I only have a little time and so I need to get them to wake up – fast. Let me see if I can do the same for you…

Here’s the stark truth…

Unless you start NOW, today and get your act together, you’ll shortly complete the eight billionth life of third-rate mediocrity, non-achievement, boredom and poverty since the stone age.

You know that giant counter outside MacDonalds HQ which counts up the number of burgers served world-wide to date?

I want one of those.

It would be fifty feet by ten feet and mounted one hundred feet in the air.


It would tick up relentlessly; the units digit would be almost a blur (about five people die every second, world-wide).

Every thousandth count, if you were quick, you would notice it appear to miss a beat.

That’s the one who got away. The wealthy, fulfilled goal-directed person who just passed away with a smile on his or her lips!

Will you be this person? Or will you join the teeming billions of the forgotten?

Will you live a life of quiet desperation, frustration, poverty and hopelessness?

Is this what you want? Are you prepared to settle for being mediocre? Are you content with being just another non-entity in the faceless billions?

No? Then you’re with me and I can help you through my writings.

A life of power means that you fulfill your life’s dream with a style that makes an IMPACT, and not in some insignificant way which leaves hardly a ripple on the pond.

If you want to make ripples, chuck in a god-damn BOULDER, not the smallest pebble you can find.

A life of passion means that you have guts, determination and you put some OOMPH behind your chosen life-dream. You don’t approach it as an apologetic, weak, humble, limp-wristed milk-sop.

For the men, that means you gotta have balls. For the women, that means you gotta have some feminine grit.

Two qualities which are sadly lacking in most people today thanks largely to cradle-to-grave socialism and government interference in every minute aspect of our lives..

Does a life of passion excite you?

Are you interested in that? Good, we’re on the same sheet of music at least!

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