It All Start With a Dream

It All Start With a Dream

Do you want to become a millionaire? Even a multi-millionaire?

“Sure I do Stuart – but where do I START?”

It all starts with a dream…

If you don’t have a dream, it’s tough to become a millionaire – unless you get lucky and win the lottery.

To make this kind of money you need to be laser-beam focused, and you can’t be that if you only have a half-hearted interest in what you’re doing. You know this is true.

How? Just look at some famous multimillionaires who still keep working ten or twelve hours a day, even though they don’t need the money.

Why do they do this?

Because they have a passion for what they do!

They would probably do it without payment! Bill Gates, James Dyson, Anita Roderick, Richard Branson, Alan Sugar – none of these people need the money, yet they do NOT spend their days swinging in hammocks and eating peeled grapes!

Dreaming is a type of visualisation.

It is visualisation plus passion.

These are the things that you really want to be, to have or to do.

Start now. Write a list of six things you would like to be, have or do.

Two things you’d like to be. Two things you’d like to have. Two things you’d like to do.

Can you think of a few things about which you are passionate? One or two things which you care deeply about?

And another thing. Dream BIG. We’re all scared little rabbits who are

frightened of failure. Imagine what you could do if you knew you could not fail! We take timid little bunny steps, testing the path ahead with our paws. Life rushes by and we’ve only gone a few hops down the track. Take a risk now and then! Start to become passionate about your life and its direction!

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