Stop Listening to the News!

Stop Listening to the News!

I’m on my high-horse today.

Successful people exhibit a number of ‘success disciplines’. They are neither difficult to understand nor hard to apply.

One of the habits of highly successful people is that they waste no time. – where the broke and powerless waste huge amounts of time in chatting, reading trivia, staring mindlessly at the TV, listening to brain-numbing music etc. etc. (Aside: I am not criticising such people for the fun of it. Neither am I saying these things are bad in small amounts. I have only one motive – to make YOU a highly successful person.)

My high-horse concerns that enormous time-waster and destroyer of man’s spirit – The (chortle) ‘News’. Sorry but I cannot ever resist a laugh when I type that word. I am, honestly, deeply shocked that millions of people spend good money on buying a piece of trash like a tabloid newspaper – and then actually spend an hour or more of their day reading the thing! Really, it is incomprehensible to me.

Have you seen a tabloid recently? If you haven’t please, please do me a favour and go and buy (say) The Mirror or The Sun and, just this once, read it from cover to cover. You will be appalled. Vociferous strident ‘opinion’; ten pages of celeb tittle-tattle; twenty pages of ‘sport’; silly little cartoons aimed at 5 year olds. It is truly astonishing.

Look, let’s not get snobbish. What I’m saying applies to all newspapers and all news. Listen to radio 4 news and note down the positive items versus the negative. It’s mainly negative. And this seeps into your brain. Twenty people murdered here, a bomb going off there; a toddler stabbed; another paedophile jailed; the environment being destroyed. On and on, undermining your optimism.

How can you be positive and happy with a three times a day (or more) diet of that? It’s impossible. So here’s your wealth and success task for today. STOP READING NEWSPAPERS and STOP WATCHING OR LISTENING TO THE NEWS.

It isn’t news anyway. It is carefully selected ‘drongo fodder’ for the masses, chosen only for its shock-horror value. The most common complaint I hear is: “But suppose something important happens?” Answer: “You’ll hear about it – trust me!” If something like 9/11 happens, a friend will call you and tell you. Most of the rest of the stuff you don’t need to hear. You’ll save enormous amounts of time, and will be in a more positive frame of mind – both of which are perfect for your wealth-creation efforts.

Bottom line is – put your energy and time into crafting a perfect life for yourself, not into celeb tittle-tattle and “ain’t it awful” stories. End of lecture. Time to dismount my high horse. Easy there boy….

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