Make Time for Success

Make Time For Success

Are you constantly overwhelmed by the sheer clutter of modern day life and the countless hundreds (literally) of things which need doing?

Have you noticed something really weird about life?

All the things you know are important, and even some things you really WANT to do get put on the back-burner for ‘later’ – and of course, later never comes.

Right now, I could make a list of over 100 things that need doing. Everything from paying a pile of bills through to calling the mother of a friend of mine who recently died.

Actually, I’ve just had a quick count-up and there are more than 100 such things. So, like you, I’m constantly buried in an avalanche of ‘stuff’. Our reaction is to wade through a heap of ‘urgent but unimportant’ trivia and the important (but non-urgent) stuff always gets shoved to the back of the heap.

So that means we don’t exercise; we don’t improve our minds; we don’t take that course; we don’t plan for a better tomorrow and we don’t start TODAY on the task of planting the seeds of our future success. It’s just a daily merry-go-round of working, eating, shopping, taking stuff to the dry cleaners, cutting the hedge, meeting the in-laws and ferrying the kids around town.

I’m sure you know the truth of this.

In this way, our lives slip silently away from us and the years roll by. We wake up suddenly with a start to realise we are 30, 40, 50, 60 and heck, time’s running out!

What do we do? Take firm decisive action to change things? No. We slip silently beneath the waves once again as more trivia washes over us and clamours for our attention.

In the next e Zine I’ll be telling you how to change this situation, but I want you just to ponder on what I have said for a few days.

What will happen in those few days? Answer – more ‘stuff’ which will not advance you one jot closer to your dreams!

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