Trading Financial Markets

I’ve been advising people on wealth creation for 25 years now and the most common question I’m asked goes something like this:

“Stuart, I’m not greedy or lazy. I’m also not a fantasist. Is there a way of making a few hundred pounds a week from my PC at home in, say, half an hour a day? Surely that can’t be a lot to ask?”

As it happens, there are a few ways of doing this, some harder than others. I know people who make a steady living trading on eBay in their particular niche. Another good friend bets on the horses via a high quality tipster (a surprisingly large number of people make a steady living from this.)

I’ve shown hundreds of people how to make a great living selling simple information products (CDs, manuals etc) and that’s how I made a lot of my own money.

Then there’s starting a small on-line (not eBay) business. To make £100 profit a day you only need to sell 4 x £50 products a day… job done.

I know people who make good money doing SEO, designing web sites and so on all from their home PCs.

In short, there are dozens of ideas and you might like to explore some of them.

But there’s another idea which tens of thousands of people are involved in. It takes under half an hour a day and all you need is some training and a computer linked to the Internet.

It’s trading the financial markets. Put very simply, taking a ‘bet’ on which way a share (e.g. Apple), commodity (e.g. gold) or index (e.g. FTSE, DOW, DAX etc) will go.

As it happens, I know a lot about this subject having ‘ghost written’ four courses on trading for some quite well know traders. I’ve also done a lot of trading myself.

Now this is NOT for everyone. It’s a funny old business this ‘trading’ lark. You need the right temperament for a start. But if you’ve ever fancied having a go, but had no idea where to start, I am giving an ‘absolute beginners’ seminar on Thursday 28th March, Slough, Berkshire, UK.

This ezine goes out worldwide so I know many will be unable to attend from such a long distance away. There are only 20 places anyway, and well over half have gone already. I just wanted to make you aware of it in case you are free that day, can get to Slough and want to grab one of the last remaining places.

If so, click here (or copy and paste to your browser) to secure your place.

If you can’t make it, I urge you to look into this interesting way of making money. It may not be for you, but have a look at least. There aren’t THAT many things which need no stock, no premises, can be done in half an hour a day, require no product, no customer service, no machinery, no advertising, no marketing etc etc!

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