Triple Your Income With a Simple Business Idea

I know a woman who is pulling in about £20k with a simple ironing round and is about to increase that to £60k by farming out the work to a few mates (who are DESPERATE for a few hours work at home whilst the kids are young.)

She won’t get rich, but maybe trying to ‘get rich’ has held you back from making a start?

That can happen.

Let’s have a quick look at an idea like an ironing round. It’s a good example of a ‘triple your income’ idea.

You can work hard or smart. You can keep the business tiny (just you and an ironing board) or grow it (you do the collection and delivery, a team of women do the ironing). Sorry, I’m not being sexist but you won’t have a hope in hell of recruiting any men to do the ironing, so it’s just a plain fact.

Here is something which you can start for zero capital and for which there is a thriving market. Think of a name (“Sarah’s Ironing” or whatever). Run up a basic leaflet on Word, print off a few and put them through the doors of the more up market houses near you. Give them a mobile number to call you.

I bet you will soon have your first customer.

What could be easier? And yet so few bother to do something like this.

Yes it’s ‘work’ but soon you could have a thriving little business where others do most of the hard physical labour and you just co-ordinate everything. Worth thinking about, surely?

And if not ironing, maybe something else?

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