Your Voice Could Be Valuable!

Here’s a neat idea which you may be able to generate some spondulas from.


Recently I was with Peter Thomson – an all round great guy and a powerhouse

in the  production of audio CD programmes. He’s Nightingale Connant’s #1

audio programme creator and has helped tens of thousands of people to

be more, sell more and achieve more.


I was with Peter to record an interview with me for his Achiever’s Edge club.


Want to know how much Peter pays me? Nothing! And as far as I know,

he doesn’t pay the other contributors either. We’re happy to do it for free

as it gives us more exposure and publicity for no cost.


Okay, hold onto that for a moment.


I also have often recorded my own voice and produced a CD each month (e.g. for my Real Life course).


I use my PC to do all the recording and editing.


Cost? About 40p per CD!


I knew nothing about how to do this when I started, and I don’t (in

my opinion) have a great ‘voice over’ type of voice.


So… I got to thinking… is there anything YOU could produce on CD or MP3?


Is there some information that people would pay to hear? Anything from fly

fishing secrets to eBay selling tips. Is there SOMETHING you know a bit

about? If not, do you know someone who does, and who would be prepared to

record an audio which you could sell (maybe on a profit split with them?)

Don’t be afraid to produce the experts – even fairly famous people. They

are often flattered by such requests.


Please don’t think that your voice is no good, or you can’t master the

technology. Honestly, it’s SO easy these days. You need a microphone

(from Maplin etc.) and a PC with a sound card.


It took only me half a day to learn everything. And, by the way, for 45 quid (on eBay) you can buy an Epson Photo R220 colour printer which will print full colour onto CDs!


This printer really is stunningly good. I reckon I’ve done at least 5,000 CDs on mine.

You buy the CDs (printable white top) from PC World or on line, for  about 12p each! My point here is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting 1,000 CDs pressed. Just knock ’em out at home.


What do you reckon? Something to think about?

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