What’s Your Plan for 2013?

Another year…

What were you doing at exactly this time last year?

Was it pretty much the same as now?

Another twelve months have passed. You are one year older. You have one less year in your dwindling stockroom of time. That stockroom was hardly crammed to the ceiling when you started, was it? At best it had a lousy eighty or so items on the inventory – if you were lucky.

Many of them have now gone. How many are left?

How are things going to be different from now on? Is this year just a repeat performance of last year? If so, you’re not going anywhere! Instead of living (say) twenty exciting adventure-filled years, you are living the same dull year twenty times over!

What stops us being all we can become?

In a word, INERTIA. It rules the universe and governs every atom in the cosmos. Planets circumnavigate the sun in silent testimony to the power of inertia. More importantly, it permeates through our brains and rules our lives.

The main effect it has is to stop us growing. Growth equals life. More dramatically, growth equals mucho dinari (by this I mean, of course, plenty spondulas) to you in the future.

Why ‘the future’? Why not money right now, immediately, ‘on demand’?

Because it doesn’t work like that.

Here’s how it works. To make serious money you need to be different to how you are now. That’s obvious, I hope because you’re broke now, right? So something has to change. You can’t stay this way if you want a lot of money.

You do not accumulate money for its own sake. Money is an enabling force. It allows you to be the REAL you; to go wherever you want to, to achieve whatever you desire, to dream BIG, to boldly split infinitives which no man has split before.

Money is very, very important. Not ‘in itself’ of course. Only a moron would stack away bars of gold and spend long evenings gazing lovingly at the beautiful golden sheen, running their hands sensuously over the dense yellow surface, feeling the heft of each glittering bar, conjuring images of golden idols, fabulous lands, jewels, power, the world at his feet, young naked servants to service his every…. ummm….sorry, what was I saying?

Ah, go it!

Money allows a life of POWER as opposed to a life of quiet desperation and hopeless mediocrity. You have been with me long enough to know that I am passionate about living a life of power.

Is this something you want too? Yes?

Okay you’ve got to start CHANGING WHAT YOU ARE DOING in 2013 because… WHAT YOU DID in 2012 ISN’T WORKING.

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