What’s Your Wealth Plan for 2013?

What’s Your Wealth Plan For 2013?

I always use this ‘quiet’ time (ha ha) between Christmas and New Year to do my financial planning for the coming year.

Can I suggest you do the same?

I’m sure you want 2013 to be a better year financially for you than 2012 – but what’s your plan to make it happen? There’s no point drifting into the New Year without making a plan to make some real money in the coming 12 months.

If I do this, you certainly should!

These few days are perfect. Once the New Year starts it will be ‘business as usual’ and you’ll be taken over by the ‘same old same old’. Weeks then months will fly past and you will be not one step closer to your goals.

I’m assuming you want to be wealthy one day? Yes? Then make a start now because it doesn’t happen by accident!

How many £3k projects do you have in the pipeline? (ideas, investments etc which can make you £3k profit in the next 12 months).

How many £5k projects?

How many £10k Projects?

£25K? £50k? £100k? Higher?

Write them all down and add them up. I think the answer may be sobering (particularly if it’s zero – which I hope it isn’t!) The point of this is to get you out of ‘fairy wishing’ mode and into ‘definite plan’ mode.

I’m not preaching something I’m not doing myself. As I speak I’m filling in my 2013 spreadsheet with all the projects I’m currently involved with to see what they add up to. If the total is not high enough (which I can see it isn’t) then I need to plant some more wealth seeds.

What seeds can you plant?

(Most people spent more time watching ‘telly’ over Christmas than they spend in an entire YEAR thinking about this stuff. They will then whine about how poor they are. Go figure!)

I’ll give you another kicking in a few more days!

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