You’re in the Problem Solving Business


I am often asked to single out just one thing which makes the difference between earning megabucks and just pulling down a living wage.

It’s always hard to do this of course, because there are so many factors. Here are just a few:

1.         Passion.

2.         Energy and enthusiasm.

3.         Hard work and discipline.

4.         Focus and staying power.

5.         Ability to take defeat and come up punching for a second, third or even fiftieth round with life.

6.         Sense of humour.

7.         Good ‘people’ skills.

8.         Being big-picture focused but also mindful of the smaller details.

9.         Willingness to learn all the time.

10.       A positive mental attitude.

These are the top ten – apart from the one I am going to now mention which is creativity.

The more experienced I get and the more times I’ve been around the block, the more I notice this one factor.

It’s what makes all the difference between huge pots of money and just a mediocre salary.

Look, the real bottom line truth is that people pay you in life for your ability to solve their problems.

True? I think so.

The bigger and more complex the problem, the more dosh people will fork-over to get it solved.

Really BIG problems can only be solved by highly creative solutions. If you can come up with a creative solution, you will be able to charge a lot of money.

Mundane problems are easy to solve. Anyone with half a brain can provide a solution and so the fee is quite small. Your dustmen get paid for solving your garbage problem. That’s not rocket-science, right? You just turn up with a vehicle, load the garbage, cart it away and dump it in a hole in the ground. If you can walk, talk and lift a bin, you can ‘solve’ that problem.

That means most people in the country could solve the garbage problem if they had a mind to, so guess what? Garbage men don’t get paid much. But still they get paid, because they are providing a solution to a problem.

But the more creative the solution is required, the fewer people there are who are able to solve that particular problem, and so the more money they can charge.

That makes sense, right?

So start thinking of yourself in the ‘problem solving business’ – you ARE, by the way, whatever you do.

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