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Virtual Office Party

“It was an absolutely hysterical and wonderful evening, for both those partaking and everyone watching online!”

- Maria Kuzak, Fundraising Manager at CALM 

The Challenge

Your staff have been working harder than ever but it’s never been more difficult to feel like a cohesive team.

Remote working is leaving everyone isolated and fatigued with no informal encounters or water-cooler chats.


Parties, celebrations, and awards ceremonies can typically feel stagey and awkward when held online.


The Solution

Award-winning comedian Stuart Goldsmith hosts “The Infinite Sofa”, a hilarious comedy chat show with celebrity guests from shows like Live At The Apollo and Mock The Week.

12 members of your team join an online room with Stuart, and the rest watch and interact via a private link with accompanying chat stream.

It’s like the front row of The Graham Norton Show, as your 12 colleagues get involved in the action and help interview the celebrity guests.

“The Virtual Office Party was the highlight of all the events we managed to put on during 2020 and was incredibly well received.  Stu is an excellent host, making even the most nervous of volunteers feel at ease and welcome... The show is so much more than what you would expect from even the best “zoom gig” experience."


- Al Napp, from a global genomics (biology/technology) company

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